Paying It Forward by Rebecca E. Neely

If you follow my personal blog, or I’ve hosted you, you know I’m always interested in finding ways to save time, and boost productivity during the writing process. Recently, however, I was inspired by an article I read about paying it forward. Often, the minutes and hours we don’t measure are the most important, and the most valuable.tree download

The woman who wrote the article wanted to thank an acquaintance who’d met with her, early on in her career, over coffee for an hour or so. Clearly, the meeting had a profound effect on her, and the paths she took forward. Alas, she could not remember the man’s name.

There is someone who paid it forward for me, who I remember quite well, and who helped me to grow my freelancing business in a new direction and increase my marketability and overall skill set. His name is Chuck, and he was a client of mine when I was just starting out. He wanted a monthly newsletter written, and I didn’t have Microsoft Publisher on my computer at the time.

Rather than go elsewhere, to a more established freelancer, he chose to stick with me, and sent me the software to install on my computer–at his own expense. At the time, I thanked him profusely–it was a very generous thing to do. But I’d like to thank him again, years later. Since then, I’ve become well versed in Publisher, creating all kinds of marketing communications for clients, and for myself. If he hadn’t taken a chance on me, and gotten me ‘up and running’, I know I wouldn’t have the skill set I do today.

Thank you Chuck, for paying it forward!

I always try to take the opportunities presented to me, to talk to students and family members and complete strangers about writing, and their ideas. I help my daughter with assignments. For at least the last six years, I’ve been a judge for different writing contests. I hope, in this small way, my feedback inspires and educates.

Speaking of writing contests, there’s another special someone I’d like to thank for paying it forward–the late Judi McCoy. I still have her handwritten notes, encouraging me to finish one of my first manuscripts that I’d entered into a contest, and it wasn’t very good. I’ve kept it for years, and when I signed my first contract, I pulled it out and thanked her.

I know I can always do more to pay it forward. I believe in karma, and the good I do comes back to me tenfold. I hope, soon, to talk to the students at my daughter’s school about writing, and the writing life. Who knows? Maybe there’s an aspiring romance novelist among them, waiting for a little encouragement.

Do you have a story to share about paying it forward?

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8 Responses to Paying It Forward by Rebecca E. Neely

  1. L.D. Rose says:

    Great post, Rebecca. And so true!

  2. aliceakemp says:

    Well done, Beckie. I was very gratified one night when my husband and I went to a oval restaurant and the young woman who was our waitress shared with me how much she had benefitted from being in my university class easily 15 years before. I was in tears by the time she finished. I had no idea I’d had such an impact on her by simply teaching an introductory sociology class.

    • neelyr says:

      Hi Alice- What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing that. What an honor and a blessing to know you’ve touched a life in that way. Kudos! 🙂

  3. Beth Carter says:

    What a wonderful post. I, too, believe in paying it forward. I love going to schools and reading my children’s books. Little kids think authors are rock stars! I do my best to inspire them to write, illustrate, and dream big. They are attentive, ask a million questions, and are a great gift to me in return.

  4. neelyr says:

    Hi Beth! Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed it! You are so right! They look up to us, but they are the ones who are the real rock stars!! 🙂 Have a great rest of your day. 🙂
    Sincerely, Rebecca

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