On a Mission (in a very cluttered house)

HappyWriter-ShareAlike-FlickrAs I worked on the final chapters of my first (romantic) cozy mystery, two opportunities popped up. One, a contract job that would start in June, and two, a trip that starts in two weeks and ends just before the contract job.


I couldn’t delay finishing the mystery for a whole month or more, right? I was too close, and the plot and characters were too fresh and compelling for me to do anything other than finish the draft.

I know you know that dilemma…

So, starting ten days ago, I was on a mission to complete the draft and get it out to beta readers before my trip. They were excited to hear the book was nearly finished, and their enthusiasm kept me moving forward.

Well, I did it. The drafts are now on their way to two trusted readers, with two more readers standing by once those copies come back.

I returned from the post office a few minutes ago and (for the first time in ten days) really, truly saw the state of my house. Shopping bags with purchases still in them (Ahhh, that’s where the toothpaste is!). Winter clothes piled on a chair, begging for a trip to the dry cleaner. A UPS box with the little table for my porch, still unopened. The list goes on. I won’t even mention the dust.

I’m ever so grateful I can focus intensely and see the job through, but yikes! what clutter all around me. Can anyone else identify?


About drkatecollier

Author of traditional mysteries featuring the Penningtons of Tompkins College in Tompkins Falls, NY. Also Instructional Designer, Curriculum Developer and Professor for Online Teaching and Learning. Also romance author, writing as Katie O'Boyle, series Lakeside Porches, from Soul Mate Publishing, set in Tompkins Falls in the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY.
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7 Responses to On a Mission (in a very cluttered house)

  1. Absolutely. It’s May and I still have my Christmas nativites up. I’m planning to put them away. Their boxes are in the middle of the living room. I’m just very, very busy with important writing stuff and garden stuff and stuff. LOL. I totally get it!

  2. Congrats on finishing your story! I understand how that goes. You just have to get the story down before you can do anything else. The dust, laundry and everything else can wait. It will still be there for you once the story is done. Good luck cleaning now!

  3. aliceakemp says:

    Oh, Katie. Can I identify? Add to my housekeeping messes the facts that we have three dogs shedding copious amounts of hair (one is an 84-lb. golden retriever), and that I’m unable to do much of anything, including putting on my own shoes and socks! Hip surgery a month ago and I’m up to using a cane and still limited energy. Cleaning house? Dusting? Keeping the clutter at bay? You must be kidding. When I have some energy, I work on my current manuscript–barely 800 words added since the surgery. Oh well. Thanks for an interesting post.

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  5. Karen Rossi says:

    Luckily I have a husband who will vacuum and do laundry and even loves to do grocery shopping. (He’s retired!) But he leaves my cluttered writing room alone, I am truly blessed by the gods of writing!

  6. jfbaier says:

    Ooooo Kate. I feel your… clutter!! It is SO comforting to hear other people confess to putting housecleaning at the bottom (or near it) of the to-do list. I often wondered how you got so much writing done. Now I know–and you’re my hero!

  7. Beth Carter says:

    Are you kidding? I was lucky o shower during the second round of edits and the galley AND my daughter was getting married. She lives in L.A. and I’m in MO so we were flying back and forth, I had a shower for her, and the wedding was the following month. I caved and asked Debby for a later release date. Four months later. It was the only way I could truly enjoy the wedding and the birth of my novel and not rush either one.

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