In Media, Rest

Books come in all shapes and sizes, as do authors.

Books come in all shapes and sizes, as do authors.

Blasphemy!  We’re novelists with books to sell and we must be tweeting, posting, blogging… it’s the golden rule of marketing in this digital world. [Myth!]

“In medias res” is the golden rule for novelists and storytellers of every venue. It’s an adverb, a literary technique that means :

into the middle of a narrative; without preamble.

“having begun his story in medias res, he then interrupts it”

into the midst of things.

Novelists know this golden rule so well that they’ve forgotten the term was coined in the 18th century and related to the oral tradition as the printed form of books was still being typeset by monks with quills on parchment.  The meaning of “In medias res” has been redefined only slightly, though it is stated in variety of ways, and is still a literary device that instructs storytellers to begin with a dramatic scene that is active and grounded so the reader is emotionally engaged. The author has to know all the back story and nit-picking issues that set up this first scene but the audience just wants to experience the events. Too often an author loses readers through boredom or confusion in the opening paragraphs.  The audience wants to be swept into the story as it is fully formed.

This boredom or confusion from the audience also happens when an author jumps into social media in the middle of things with the dramatic event of “My BOOK is for SALE!” The only one emotionally engaged is the author and [maybe] a handful of close friends or family. The content of your announcement must be more of a story than a news item that you did something.  The authors who make sales with only an announcement already have a fan base that they have cultivated for years with many novels.

Sales, through any media, are made by quality before quantity.  Sales through social media require both quality and a quantity of socializing. An author who interrupts a social group without preamble will get a literary kick in the adverb.

Now to explain that myth; tweeting, posting and blogging are more Push-Pull promotions depending on the content. Your marketing is the hidden back story and nit-picking details that are invisible to your audience. Tweets are usually Point-of-Purchase links. Confused? It gets better since we have entered the story In medias res – as social sites rise and fall and change the rules and support and subscribers and it takes a lot of reading and socializing to understand the dynamics of any venue.

Worry not! I will provide the magic button for your marketing and promotions. This is the one dynamic link that is forever in your control and can be used on every social media profile. This magic button is only one-click between your brilliant story and an avid fan. It can be on business cards, included with all promotional matters to any media venue, and even be on your author pages at Amazon, Goodreads, and wherever else you hope to find readers now and in the future.

This magic button, this single dynamic link in the digital cloud does not guarantee sales BUT if you don’t have it – good luck making any sales. What is it? Whose soul do you have to sell to get your hands on it? It can be free. It’s your Website. It is the Three to Five page, in only a few thousand words, Novel that You Create about yourself As an Author and the Books you wrote that are worth reading!  Give it care and attention.

Until you’ve got a great website, give the media a rest. Socialize wherever you have fun, write more books.

For more information – all for free: Author Marketing 101 – The 7 primary points to stand out from the crowd.

CheckmateFirstMateAs an example, my website is and it costs about $13 per month and only the time I spend on a new blog post. No matter where I am online, or what I say or do that generates a click on my name; picture, or profile, a potential reader gets exactly what I want them to know and the option to read and buy my book.

Now I’m off to give Media a Rest because my current project was left In medias res and I have more interesting troubles to create for my characters.

Happy Reading!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.
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