Cornish Spirit

–by Kate Collier, writing as Katie O’Boyle–

A couple of weeks ago, Rusty treated us to photos from his bucket-list journey to France. I read his post just a few days after returning from a bucket-list trip of my own to Cornwall in the UK. My trip was also research for my current series: Lakeside Porches and The Tompkins Falls Mysteries. And since the title of our Road Scholar program was “Digital Photography in the South West of England,” you know I took a ton of photos.

Doc Martin fans know this as "Port Wenn"

Post Isaac (Port Wenn)

I was expecting the coast and countryside to be gorgeous, and it surpassed my expectations. The color of the sea blew me away. Some areas of the coast are rich in slate, which creates an aqua such as you’d see in the Caribbean. In other places the sea is a deep blue violet. St. Ives and Port Isaac’s harbors are a mix of colors.


Gentleman met in Widdecombe-on-the-Moor

Is it true that Cornish men are charming, fit, and handsome? I’d say so! Their easy manner with weary travelers certainly put a smile on my face at every turn.

Since Kyle Pennington (hero of Lakeside Porches book four, Waking Up To Love, due for release by SMP in October), is from Padstow, in Cornwall, I am revising the current draft with details in mind— the quirky smiles we encountered, the twinkling eyes, the rapt gaze of concern quickly followed by a quip meant to ease worry. In fact, “No worries” was one of the most-frequently-offered phrases by the Cornishmen we met.


Children playing on St. Ives’ beach

Some of the moments I captured suggested that “Life’s a beach!” in Cornwall. Vacations aside, life is real in Cornwall. Now I know that underneath the hardship, history, and mystery of the place is a spirit that loves fun, cherishes family, and feasts on the beauty all around. My kind of place! I plan to work much more of it into Kyle’s spin-off mystery series.

About drkatecollier

Author of traditional mysteries featuring the Penningtons of Tompkins College in Tompkins Falls, NY. Also former Instructional Designer, Curriculum Developer and Professor for Online Teaching and Learning. Also romance author, writing as Katie O'Boyle, series Lakeside Porches, from Soul Mate Publishing, set in Tompkins Falls in the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY.
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10 Responses to Cornish Spirit

  1. Love Cornwall. Land of ancient Celts. Have a section of a book coming out soon based there. Early 6th century, though–not as recent as yours. Thanks for the photo tour.

  2. Reblogged this on drkatecollier and commented:

    Shared at Midsummer on the Soul Mate Authors blog…

  3. Karen Rossi says:

    I did some research in Finland last summer for Book 3 of my trilogy, “Portraits of Love”.
    Were you able to deduct some of the trip on your taxes?

    • I loved Finland when I visited in 2001. Beautiful country, unpretentious people, non-stop sunshine (it was this time of year). I haven’t checked into the tax implications yet.

  4. neelyr says:

    No worries is a fave expression of mine too 😉 discovery of a new place is exciting .. Sounds like you can add some great dimension and details to your story 😉 best to you !

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip! It’s always awesome when you can visit the settings of your work. Those details you mentioned add a depth you can’t get otherwise! 🙂

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