The Write Word with Wareeze

The Write Word with Wareeze

Before the first word is written, the author must decide what to write. The time period must be considered first. The where (in the entire world), and what is happening. Also important is the why.

I love history, all the romance of another era regardless of the hardships of the times. Therefore, I write historical romance. All the stories I write have happily ever after. Sitting at my computer, I hear the tinkle of a music-box. One of my collection of nearly one-hundred. The sound cast me into another world.

A heroine is born:

Stella sank onto the bench before her mirror where the folds of her ball-gown billowed out before collapsing with a soft whisper around her bare feet. She’d dance the night away at the Granville’s ball, the first of the Season. Dropping her forehead on her palm, she groaned with despair. She must receive an offer before the Season ended. Her guardian had warned her not to fail or consequences would follow.

The flicker of the candle cast her image in relief against the shadowed dimness of the bedchamber and danced over the borrowed ruby necklace at her throat. She opened the lid of her music-box and the soft tinkle of sound drifted out, soothing, familiar, dispersing the deep silence of the room. She unclasped the ruby necklace, but before she could place the jewelry in her box, a shadow, deeper than the rest, lengthened over her and her music-box.

I forgot to mention, I always include suspense. Not the standard historical romance, but one with a bit extra both before and after the ball.  There are so many directions to take this story. Sprinkled in the beginning of the tale is an inkling of the time and place with a hint of a dilemma for the heroine. Perhaps, one day I shall actually write Stella’s story.

I have two historical novels released by Soul Mate Publishing. Both are romance mixed with suspense and mystery. Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman, my first novel, and An Enduring Love. I have a website where further details are posted.


About wareeze

I am a native of Texas and still live in this great state. I write period romance tangled with suspense. I married my high school sweetheart, years and years ago. We raised four children and have eight grandchildren, and grandchildren are Grand. At the moment, all my children and my grandchildren live within seventy miles of our home, lots of visits. My husband and I still love each other after all these years the stuff romance is made of, Happy Ever After! I lost my beloved husband on Dec 10, 2016 but my memories remain forever Happy Ever After!!
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3 Responses to The Write Word with Wareeze

  1. lindapennell says:

    Love the excerpt! As your crit partner, I expect to see the rest of this story someday. I can attest to your excellent use of romance spiced with suspense. Both books were a pleasure to read.

    If you haven’t had a chance to read Wareeze’s SMP novels, you are missing a treat!

  2. wareeze says:

    Thanks one and all. I do apologize. I posted on the wrong Thursday. Forgive.

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