Time and Travel by Terri Patrick

June Wk1 060I’m currently on my way home from a twelve day family excursion to and through Yellowstone National Park. I assume I had a great time but I’m writing this to post two days before we leave, so it is scheduled to appear for you, today. How many of you would have accepted the above picture as one from the trip I am currently still on? Is it possible there could be a view like this in Wyoming? I don’t know. This picture is of Sparks Lake in Bend Oregon, taken on June 6th. I wonder how kayaking on Yellowstone Lake will compare, and what we’ll wear as the forecasted temperatures will be cooler.

I have trouble writing fiction in the summer months because I am a nature girl and live where the weather is awesome in the summer, and rainy the rest of the year.  So while I wanted to do some type of spoof post about the wilderness variations between Yellowstone, a thousand miles away in relation to the wilds of my backyard, I’ve failed.

Instead, consider this picture as a prompt for your writing today.  Imagine a story that includes traversing waterways in the wilderness. Would this picture be at the beginning, middle, or end of your story? What color flowers are blooming on the rock wall? What type of craft would be needed or would a swim be required? Mountain lakes can be warm on the surface and frigid at the two-foot depth.

Do you hear a small but very close waterfall that you can’t see? It’s actually a lava tube that opens inside the rock wall to the right and one of the ways this lake drains. Did you imagine a small dog in a pink lifejacket sitting in the cockpit of the orange kayak?

Watercraft with engines are not allowed on this lake so the silence is only broken by the wildlife, mainly birds and bees. One bee was pretty big and round, and seemed obsessed with that orange boat and lifejacket but we were able to out-row it without incident. But what if the bee stung that man, who happens to be allergic to bee venom?

It’s obviously not windy in this trench but the main lake had a lively breeze. At each end of the trench are views of white capped mountains; The Sisters and Mt. Bachelor.

Enter my world today and consider:  How many things can go wrong when you travel for two weeks and thousands of miles with a camper, kayaks, bikes, and a two-year-old Jack Russell terrier? The camper is a 2008 Tango and new to us. This will only be our third trip and first time we’ve lived in it for longer than two nights. We plan to have new tires on the camper before we leave – the truck that will tow the camper has already been totally overhauled and detailed.

Here’s a fun twist to the story:  My nephew and his new girlfriend are flying in to Jackson Hole, WY from Maryland to spend five days with us in that camper. Will there be delays or challenges with their flights, or finding us in the campground by the lake that is known for grizzly bear sightings?

Or – maybe this will be the prompt you like best  – this new girlfriend is meeting her boyfriend’s parents; his sister’s family, and his godparents, for the first time in this remote location. How will these days in the wilderness change their new relationship?

That should be enough prompts to stir your creative juices today. Now go set the timer for twenty minutes and do a writing sprint. Have fun!

CheckmateFirstMateCheck out my blog at www.terripatrickbooks.com in mid July to see real pictures of my vacation in Yellowstone.

Happy Writing!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.
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