Victoria’s Vignette’s for the day Pitching and RWA

I juIMG_1437st came back from New York and RWA.
Going to see writer friends and the masters of the genre thrills me. I go every year I can. I’ve learned so much from every RWA conference. And once again this year some of my friends are going and one of my soulmate sisters couldn’t be my roommate this year. I’m so lookingforward to books from friends. One I’ve read and I can’t wait for everyone else to read. Sheena
Snow and her robots are going to knock your socks off Sparked_805x1275-380x602in Sparked. Then reborn_850HIGH-pic-682x1024Jane Ederlyn which are actually two awesome women are going to force me to read about vampires. (With my name being Victoria Ann Margaret Pinder aka VAMP, I’ve always left those books for my mother who clearly loves all things with fangs. Both of my friends pitched tese books at RWA Nationals to Soul Mate Publishing and were offered contracts. There books come out soon as both of them finished their edits. I’m so excited for my friends. They both sElecting_Love_LARGEay amazing things about their editor and mine, and now all of us are about to be published. So the 305 Miami people are all excited, but it truly started with RWA Nationals. They both pitched great book in person and now they finished their edits. The books will be out this year and I’m so excited for them.

My own edits for Electing Love were slightly delayed, but I sent them in. As soon as I know the date, I’ll pass that on. The book is much cleaner now though so Debby Gilbert will hopefully be happy. I actually didn’t pitch to Soul Mate in person, though I did push my friends too. I pitched initially online. needed a lot of work, but my writing has grown so much since then. I’m so excited about 2015 and the releases of books. And it all started with pitching. After RWA Nationals, the authors all come home clutching those business cards like our lives depended on it.

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