A Soul Mate Christmas Anthology

Whoo hoo! We’ve done something new recently!

kissing santa

Wikimedia commons public domain picture

In response to a call for Christmas themed novellas, we concocted one entitled Kissing Santa about a mall Santa and a mall elfette who meet at a Santa conference and fall for each other, but with a twist. Did you know there are really Santa Conferences? We didn’t, but when Donald discovered this, our imaginations went into overdrive.

After a couple weeks of plotting and writing, we sent Kissing Santa to the editor at SMP, and have recently been informed that we are one of the Magnificent Seven that senior acquisitions editor Char Chaffin chose. (Her words, not ours.) The anthology will have seven, 10,000 word, steamy novellas and be ready in time for your Christmas reading pleasure.

We had a lot of fun writing this short book. Short is not in our vocabulary when it comes to writing. If you’ve read our Turning Stone Chronicle series, you know that we write complex, long story lines with multiple POVs, as many as five sometimes. Getting everything into 10,000 words using two POVs and without wandering off into a second plot line was a challenge, but we did it. At least after we’d weeded out a bunch of those pesky words Catherine is so fond of—twice.

The editor wanted lots of Christmas in the book, so we thought a Santa conference was a perfect setting. A ballroom of Santas is pretty Christmasy, if you ask us. We also brainstormed for turns of phrases that had Christmas flair to them. After all, when you can say things like his body reacted to her quicker than Santa went up the chimney you can get in the Christmas mood rather fast. ☺

Anyway, we’re rather excited and crowing about our newest success. Hope you don’t mind.

Look for A Soul Mate Christmas Anthology this fall, just in time for your holiday reading pleasure.






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2 Responses to A Soul Mate Christmas Anthology

  1. I’m in it, too. This should be a fun one.

  2. Karen Rossi says:

    That sounds like a really different twist on Christmas! Way to go!

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