The Terrible Trio Does Dialog

The Terrible Trio Does Dialog with T.L.Costa,, 2nd from left moderator, and that’s Kristan Higgins on the far right.

RWA does not stand for ready, willing and able, at least not for us writers. RWA stands for Romance Writer’s of America. RWA knows how to travel. This year’s annual conference was here, in my hometown, New York City. I holed up at the Marriott Marquis for 4 days. For those of you who have never experienced this hotel, you will be in for a treat, especially if you like being on a cruise with about 2000 cruisers. The only difference is that instead of eating all day as you would on a cruise, you attend business meetings and workshops. The morning speakers were great, and the workshops were magical.

Jennifer Iczkiewicz,noraroberts,gailingis

Jennifer Iczkiewicz,noraroberts,gailingis

NY, NY a wonderful town

NY, NY a wonderful town

For the first time, I moderated a workshop. That meant I introduced the panel of speakers in one of the workshops. I loved doing that. I haven’t done any public speaking or teaching in a long time. It was fun having everyone’s attention and telling them about these speakers that were about to enhance their knowledge bank.

Regina Kyle, moderator &Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Regina Kyle, moderator &Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The workshops ran all day everyday, from 9:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. There was only a 45-minute break at noon. Hardly enough time to grab lunch or just miss it.

Jamie Beck selling all her books

Jamie Beck selling all her books

Everyone was concerned about the elevators. No problem. All the elevators were automated. You push a button for your floor number on a wall panel, every elevator has a designated letter. And escalators between the first and ninth floor made it even easier to navigate. The hotel handled all 2000 writers well.

So, what was my favorite activity of the conference? Was it the Fun Home Broadway show? Dinner at Frankie and Johnny’s? The photo shoot with the amazing Marti Corn looking around with me around Broadway to have a great background in my photos? Getting my makeup professionally done for the photo shoot? The trade show for writers where some form of chocolate flowed at every table? Although all that was great, my favorites were my meeting with Gwen Reyes of Fresh Fiction and best of all was getting to know my chapter colleagues, meeting new authors and seeing two of our members, Patty Blount and Katy Lee’s names, on the marquee for the highest awards given to writers. They both were finalists in the Rita Award category.

Brownstone of NYC

Brownstone typical of NYC

By the time this great conference ended, we were exhausted and ready to go home.

RWA, thank you for an exhilarating experience.

Have you had a romance with New York City?


About gailingis

Gail Ingis a tough blonde from Brooklyn, writes history and romance. Gail’s early days began and ended with writing, drawing and music. After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design and Master’s studies in Architecture and Design Criticism at The New School (Parsons), she worked in interior design and architecture, and founded a school of Interior Design. She resides in Connecticut with her scientist-writer husband. Currently, she sits on Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum Board of Trustees, and serves as the curator of art exhibitions. Prior to her debut as an author, she illustrated a book for Deborah Galiley, "Seeking Paradise" that can be found on Amazon. Also a professional artist, her varied paintings are an extension of her illustration work in design. Gail spent long days and nights dallying in Coney Island, the inspiration for her project of beach and boardwalk scenes. She is a member of the Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America and a member of American Society of Interior Designers.
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6 Responses to RWA & NYC

  1. AmesGrace says:

    I wish I could have gone. It looks like so much fun.

    • gailingis says:

      Hi Ames Grace, thanks for stopping by. It was fun, and also mind stretching. The workshops and speakers were amazing. Maybe you can make San Diego next year.

  2. It was a whirlwind. Felt like I would think speed dating feels. I enjoyed talking with you however briefly.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    I can’t wait to try it next year!

    • gailingis says:

      Beth, thanks for stopping by. Will you be coming then, to San Diego? That’s great. Prepare yourself for too much information, pardon the cliche, but it is mind-blowing.

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