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I am a new member of the Soul Mate Publishing Blog, so I thought I’d make my first entry a fairly simple introduction.  Hello. My name is Phyllis Middleton. I am a Colorado native who was transplanted to Texas via a marriage.

Go Navy

Although I’ve been writing stories since the eighth grade, my career didn’t go that direction.  I wanted to join the Navy out of high school.  I had no clue what I would do in the service, but that’s where I wanted to go.  My family, on the other hand, was adamant that I couldn’t join because the Viet Nam conflict was still going on and it was too dangerous.

HA!  As it turned out, two years later, I was hired as a civilian at the Pueblo Sheriff’s Department.  When I turned 21, I was given a Deputy Sheriff commission and a career was made that was more dangerous than any of us could have ever imagined.  While a deputy, I’d been shot at, held hostage, held at knife point and those are the highlights.  I can’t even count the number of fights and scrimmages I’ve endured. It made for an exciting life of adventure and I loved it.  I expanded my experiences there to become a Detective and Crime / Death Scene expert.Deputy Sheriff badge

I later moved to Denver where I worked as a senior investigator for the Denver Coroner’s Office.  I saw a lot, did a lot, and learned a lot.  I don’t think I need to explain my duties and experiences there.  After twenty years of being in public service, I moved onto the civilian world and I’ve been working for nearly another twenty years in private security.

Semi-retired now, I started writing again in 2005.  I joined the Romance Writers of America and then my local RWA in Dallas (DARA) where I learned the craft of writing.  I found that  to be a huge task.  I had the imagination.  I had plenty of experiences to write gripping action.  Still, I had a ton to learn!  POV, plotting vs. pantser, voice, GMC, ARC’s …on and on it went.

In 2005, I’d written my first book of 86,000 words in three months’ time with the intent of getting it published.  It took 9 years to polish it and get it published.  Albeit, I didn’t constantly work on it for all those years, but it took that long for I wanted that book to the first to be published.REJECTED

In Feb/Mar 2014, I submitted my query and partial to Soul Mate Publishing. Later, I received the email requesting the full, which I sent.  I admit that I’ve had a number of those types of letters and emails, only to be told things like “we love your voice, but the story isn’t right for us” or “we love the story, but can’t fit it in our line” so when SMP requested my full I really wasn’t expecting to go much further.

WE WANT YOUThen it happened to see a May 5th email from Editor Debby Gilbert not only saying she loved the story but wanted to publish it!

I had to read the email a number of times.  Hubby was funny. I called him and gave him the news and he said, “That’s nice.”  I think I told him it’s not just nice, but wonderful news!  I’m not sure, but I figured he got the hint that was BIG news.  Then I HAD to tell my closest writing friends, but I couldn’t announce it officially until the contract was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Since then, I’ve learned even more about the editing process; cover art and learning more about marketing not only the book but promoting myself as well.  So, here it is. My first book.  NINE LIVES, TWO DOWN, is a romantic suspense/thriller and was released just a few months ago  in March 2015. NineLivesTwoDown200

Don’t you just love this cover?  I hope that all those who read my book will enjoy it!


About phyllismiddleton

Bio Phyllis Middleton is a former law enforcement officer who worked as a Deputy Sheriff, a City Police Officer and a Senior Investigator for the Coroner’s Office. During her twenty years of service, her expertise ranged from patrol and investigations to a certified police instructor, a crime scene and death scene investigations specialist. She’s been writing stories since age 13 but didn’t take it seriously until 2005 when she joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Dallas Area Romance Authors (DARA). There she learned the craft of writing with the goal of publishing. She teaches online Death and Crime Scene Investigation online classes to writers.
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14 Responses to Hello. My name is….

  1. I loved your book, Phyllis! Keep them coming!! –katie o’boyle

  2. Karen Rossi says:

    Hi Phyllis!
    Welcome! It always makes me happy when someone close to my age says she started writing late in life, just published her first book, etc. etc.
    I’m sure, with your vast background of experiences, there will be many, many more!!

  3. Love the cover! And can’t wait to read it and learn about more from you! You’ve got so much to share with the world!

  4. Loved this story from the first time you let me get a peek at it. I couldn’t wait until it came out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Keep them coming.

  5. Beth Carter says:

    I loved hearing about your intriguing background, Phyllis. How exciting. You must have TONS of story fodder. Love your cover. I’m buying this. 🙂 Congrats!!

  6. What an introduction! Wow! You have been through so much. And I really do love that cover!

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