New Buzzwords?

Teapot N CupUnder things to ponder over my morning cup of tea is that it’s bad enough being one of those people who is fascinated by archaic or little-known words, but the other day I ran across new “buzz” words. As an additional fascination is that buzz word can be spelled as buzzword.

The definition for both is a word or phrase, often sounding authoritative or technical, that is a vogue term in a particular profession, field of study, popular culture, etc. On the list I found, two buzzwords caught my immediate attention: freemium and solopreneur.

Freemium refers to a basic product that is given away free but the customer pays for extras. An example would be those TV commercials where, as a special bonus if you call right now, they’ll double the order. The catch is, you pay the shipping fee on the second item.  

As to solopreneur, I’m partial to this one. It’s where one person is an entrepreneur, the Jack-of-all-Trades for their one-person business. I like solopreneur because it suits me. After all, I am the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Stock Boy, my own Personal Assistant, Receptionist, Go-fer, and Jill of all Trades as a writer-author.

So, what do you think? As a writer, are you a solopreneur too?

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About Catherine E. McLean

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