How Jackie Collins Helped Me Not Hate my Friends

In 1988, Austin, Texas was covered in ice. Not just a little ice, but a lot. Two to three inches worth and the bitter cold had no intention of letting up for a few days.
The city shut down. No school. No work. Barely anyone could get around without slipping and sliding all over the place. Wrecks everywhere. People were homebound.
College students, like me and four of my friends, thought, “How cool! A four day slumber party with alcohol and all the crap food we could afford.”
Yeah, you know, after a day or so of that, I prayed for a heatwave. Endless movies and talk of guys and sharing a bathroom with four other people…I was nuts enough to go outside with a blowtorch and melt all the ice in the city. I really loved my friends, but my love was turning to cabin fever and that only leads…

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