Let’s Party!

Wahoo! My first day on the blog! Let’s just take a moment to party! *Dancing*

Okay, now that’s over with, let me introduce myself. I’m Katie, I’m twenty-eight, married with two little ones, one who is barely a few months old and we’re on the brink of getting giggles from her so we all hover around her trying to make her laugh.

My first book with Soul Mate was signed in May 2013, and release Feb 2014. Here it is:

brandedAmazon Goodreads

And in September I released my second book with Soul Mate:

Dancing in the Athenian Rain600x912

Amazon Goodreads

If you looked at both, you’ll notice they have something in common: The heroines are both Australian! That’s right, I’m a born and raised Aussie girl who ended up marrying a Navajo and now lives in the flesh burning pits of Arizona aka Phoenix. So, many of my C’s end up Aussie.

I managed this because after graduating high school in September in Australia, I went on a student exchange for the American spring semester. I became friends with y now husband, and three years later we married!

So my writing. I first started writing when I was twelvish… It was a story about a girl and horses and holding hands with cute boys. Ha ha ha! But you do have the privilege of reading a story I originally conceived as a twelfth grade student, Dancing in the Athenian Rain. I’ve evolved the story since then, improved the writing, researched and refined the historical setting etc, but the basic story is still the same.

As you can tell, storytelling is a life long passion for me. As a teen, I used to go on camp outs and the girls in my tent/cabin whatever, always wanted me to read my stories to them. I honestly never expected to get published, but now I am, I’m so grateful every day, and hope the stories give others as much joy as they give me.

Anyway! I’m glad to be here and look forward to getting to know you all!


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About hybridlady

Sydney girl at heart, but fell in love with a Navajo and moved to the US to marry him. Mother of a beautiful little girl. Writer of mostly NA, author of Bestselling Kiya Trilogy and more!
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7 Responses to Let’s Party!

  1. Beth Carter says:

    What a great introduction, Katie. I wondered how an Aussie would end up marrying a Navajo and you explained it. Great story fodder. Love your covers. Congrats!

  2. larryandkarla says:

    Nice to meet and greet other crazed authors. Insanity. We like insanity.

  3. I just had lunch with two cousins from Sydney! What a coincidence. I love your humor, Katie!!

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