Grateful By: Rose Lange

thankfulToday, I am celebrating another birthday. Another year older, and another year to feel grateful for. Honestly, I see every birthday that comes as a gift from above. Another year here on earth to be with family, to enjoy life, and the simple pleasures it has offer. To continue writing the stories trapped inside my head, just waiting to climb out. It’s the little things I try to not take for granted, like waking up in the morning. Feeling the wind at my face, glancing up at the beautiful blue sky on a morning walk with our dog, Gizmo. The aroma of a home cooked meal, the cozy feeling of our home on a cool night, curled up under a blanket. That savory first sip of coffee in the morning. A homemade birthday card from my son, a kiss from my spouse.

This year, I have so many things to be thankful for. I celebrated eleven years of marriage in September to a man I can’t live without. He’s the yin to my yang. We’ve had our share of rough patches, good patches, but have survived them all. And we’ve come through them stronger on the other side. We have a little boy, not so little anymore, a spirited, bright five year old that keeps me on my toes, and doesn’t miss anything! I feel blessed to have them support my writing, for allowing me time to go off into my own world.

I signed a second contract with Soulmate over the summer, and I can’t say enough how happy, and thrilled I am about it. To have another opportunity to share my stories with the world. It seems like only yesterday I was publishing my first book, biting my nails on release day, and taking a deep breath. But knowing things were going to be better than all right. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, and grown so much as a writer since then. I’m anxious to start edits on book two, which are just around the corner.

I finished a (very) rough, first draft of a third romance. This one, the steamiest one I’ve written yet, and also, an emotionally challenging one. It pushed me way outside of my comfort box. Pushed me to be a better writer, and to explore untapped emotions. Of course, as it usually does, self-doubt crept in during the first draft. Because it always manages to needle itself into my psyche. But, I’m happy I plowed through it, and hung in there.  Happy to have something to work with.

I’ve also had some unexpected surprises this year. I was in the newspaper, featured as a local author. I knew it was going to happen, but I did not expect what was to follow: an invitation to be on TV! Unbeknownst to me, an anchor saw my article in the newspaper, and invited me to talk about me, and my writing.  (This will eventually be an entirely different blog post, but I will touch on it briefly). It was quiet the surprise, and an amazing, exciting, nerve-wracking experience. I was happy for it, but was even happier when it was over. Although most tell me I looked relaxed on set, I was faking…I was very apprehensive! Don’t ask me how I managed that, because I still have no clue.

Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, thinking about the stress I’m feeling, over little things, and life in general. I have to stop and remind myself how truly blessed I am. I have a loving family, a dream house that we purchased this year. My writing, which is a safe haven for me, something as essential to me as air. It’s my passion, and an outlet, rolled into one. I have a day job that I enjoy going to, most days, because of course some days I wish I could just be at home with my family, or writing. I have a wonderful circle of friends and family, co-workers, and author friends, who have supported me on this crazy journey. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I can’t ask for anything more, because I have everything I need, and that makes for one grateful girl. 🙂

Rose Lange

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7 Responses to Grateful By: Rose Lange

  1. Happy Birthday Rose! Lovely, grateful blog!
    Tema Merback writing as Belle Ami

  2. Facebook’ed and tweeted!

  3. Lovely post! Happy birthday, Rose. 🙂

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