Conspiracy Theory!

Fighting Mad #2b Final (250)_edited-2My holidays are off to a good start! Romona Lockwood delivered a great cover for my 3rd book, Fighting Mad, coming in December! It’s taken awhile for me to get to the point where I’m comfortable with a scantily clad man on the cover (and you should still hear my mother!), but this look fits Murphy.

Murphy is a clurichaun, the red-headed stepchild of the leprechauns. Where leprechauns work hard and save their gold, clurichauns like nothing better than hanging out at the pub, laughing and joking with their mates. They’re knows for their fighting, but if they adopt your home as their own, they’ll guard it fiercely, particularly the wine cellar.

Carla isn’t sure what to think about Murphy. She’s sorely tempted by those broad shoulders, but the late-night bar fights can’t be a good example for her children. Still when the civil war between the King and Queen of the Fairies heats up, she knows who she wants on her side.

CRr0vWeWIAAoH6gNow, I know what you’re thinking. And no, leprechauns are not homicidal little  men. The name means the ‘sons of Lugh’ or the foot soldiers of the ancient Celtic gods. It’s a trick! If you think they’re just campy horror films, you won’t take the gold seriously. But if the 60s taught us anything, it’s to question everything, especially if there’s money involved!

I am determined to expose this conspiracy, so determined in fact that I sat on a panel in October at the Pinellas Comic & Maker Con. Okay, it was more about storytelling through art, writing, and animation, but you can see I took steps to let the world know the truth about leprechauns while having a great time!

You too can help end this confusion! You can learn the truth about leprechauns and spread the word about this cover up. I’m blowing the whole myth wide open in December, so prepare now by reading Feeling Lucky or Restless Spirits.

I’m giving away a free copy each of these books on my website this weekend as part of the Grateful for Books Blog Hop. Enter today and you too can learn the truth behind how civil war came to be heating up in the Midwest today. Then you’ll be able to share the truth with your family and friends!

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