2015: A heck of a year! By: Rose Lange


Beautiful UP sunset

It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on another Christmas, another new year, and another chance for a fresh start. I have so many blessings to be grateful in my life. Family, friends, my creative outlet, my job, a fantastic group of co-workers, and my overall good health. Two thousand fifteen has been a great year to me, and I’ve had experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

The first is our new home we purchased in April. It may not be a large, extravagant home to some, but to me, it felt and still feels like a palace. It’s a modest, three-bedroom, two bathroom, brick ranch, with a two and a half car garage. For someone that’s shared houses, and lived in duplexes my whole life (since I was born) our new home is a luxury, and one that I still can’t stop smiling about. Every time I pull into the driveway, walk through my front door, work in my office, I get the warm fuzzies. Call me a nerd, and my husband teases me, I absolutely love this house, and the people in it that I get the privilege to come home to every day, wake up to every morning. Some days are full of chaos. Okay, most days, let’s be honest here. The Mommy-I-don’t-want-to-brush-my-teeth, the dog had an accident in the kitchen, the laundry that breeds overnight, and the honey can you pack me a lunch for work, please? Those days, which can pretty much be an everyday occurrence, can be tiresome and patience pushing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        My second highlight is not a shock to most who know me, either in person or on Facebook, is my latest brainchild due next June. And it feels like the first time, all over again. The excitement, the nerves, and the thrill of getting start a whole new adventure. As of this post I haven’t yet started edits, but will soon. You’d think I won the lottery, because I’m so excited to start. This lover of the English language since I was a kid is raring and ready to go! This year also marks another first for me in the creativity department. I’ve not only started, and finished a new book (first draft, mind you), but began working on a fourth. Working on more than one project at a time is not my norm at all. I’m more of the one project at a time gal, but the faucet is on, and I’m unable, and unwilling, to shut it off. Lest I lose even one precious word, thought, piece of dialogue, or scene idea. So if you’re looking for me, I can be found working out of four different notebooks, using a variety of post it notes and pens, as I stumble my way through this latest project.

         The most memorable trip, and adventure in and of itself, was our trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan over the summer. A place of beautiful sunsets, peaceful moments, thrilling rides on four wheelers through the backwoods, and afternoons with nothing to do but write. Michigan was amazing to me, and my muse. We stayed with my husband’s aunt and uncle. A week I never wanted to end, and won’t ever forget. After the almost six hour car ride, I remember arriving, and being relieved. I couldn’t wait to settle in, get in my comfy clothes, and enjoy my time there. And enjoy it we did! My son spent most of his mornings, and some afternoons, with my husband and his great-uncle, catching their limit of fish. Nights around a kitchen table, full of laughter, great food, and a mooching but lovable Golden retriever named Toby, at our feet. I spent every chance I could on that front porch, pounding out my latest work in progress. By the end of the week, Michigan and my muse were best friends. I had no Wi-Fi, which worked in my favor, because it meant zero chances to be distracted, or to hop on and check my email, or anything for that matter.

My fourth highlight was my appearance in a local newspaper, which lead to a TV appearance. For someone that’s mostly introverted, with a dash of extroverted, it was nerve wracking. First to be interviewed, and then to think hundreds, or however many people would see me. It was an exciting experience, one I was thankful to have had, but one I hope I won’t have to repeat anytime soon. 🙂

So while 2015 was pretty darned amazing to me, here’s hoping that 2016 will be just as amazing, and maybe even better.

Thank you, dear reader, for joining me in another Soulmate Publishing post. I hope you enjoy reading these posts, as much as I enjoy writing them.

Happy Holidays, and a Happy 2016 to all!


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Moments before my TV debut.


Tree, sky, and sun…so peaceful.

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  1. What a nice “feel good” post Rose, it makes this California Girl want to go to Michigan! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Commented, Fb’d Tweeted

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