Write 50k In 2016 Using JANO by Beth Carter

Happy (almost) New Year, everyone. During this time of year, we reflect on our resolutions and goals. Face it, for most of us those include more writing, balancing marketing and writing, exercising in between writing, editing, rewriting, and more writing. So…along that line and just in time for the new year, let me tell you about JANO. I think you’ll like it!

JANO is a writing competition that begins Jan. 1 of every year. My local mystery writers’ group, Sleuths’ Ink, has hosted JANO since 2010. Here’s the backstory: I was vice president of the group at the time and complained that NaNoWriMo fell during a horrible time of year with Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, cooking, travel, and entertaining guests. You know the drill. It’s hectic! So, I pitched the concept of drafting a 50,000-word novel to our local group beginning January 1 and the other writers happily embraced the idea. Since then, another local group, Ozarks Romance Authors, joins Sleuths for a Mega Write-In the first Sat. of January. People from several states and other countries have joined us, albeit online. All write in different genres. We don’t want to compete with NaNo but rather offer an alternative. Plus, there are more days in January so your daily word count goal is less! The holidays are over and the weather is bad in many states. What better time to bang out a novel?!

1) You may either begin a new novel or add to a work in progress.
2) You cannot begin prior to Jan. 1.
3) You MAY create character descriptions before Jan.
4) You MAY create plot points or an outline if you wish.
5) On Jan. 1 at midnight (or when you wake up), start writing!
6) NO editing until February! Just GO as fast as you can.
7) That’s it!

Also, Sleuths’ Ink has a party in February and awards prizes for things like best title, best blurb, most unique character name, and much more. Check it out! I hope you will join us. By the way, I’ve never made it to 50k but I’ve added between 18-28,000 new words in the past.

Here’s the link to sign up: http://sleuthsink.blogspot.com/2015/10/join-us-for-jano-2016.html
Hashtag: #JANO2016

I’ll be traveling twice in January but I still hope to add 15-20,000 words to my THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS sequel. Think about trying JANO. Happy New Year and happy writing!

My award-winning novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS; my Christmas novelette, SANTA BABY; and my three children’s books can be found here: http://amazon.com/author/bethcarter


About Beth Carter

Multiple award-winning novelist and children's book author. Former bank VP and hospital PR director turned pajama-wearing writer. Find me online or at Starbucks where I'll be writing while sipping a skinny vanilla latte. If I'm not there, it's possible I'm at T.J. Maxx. Happy reading! 2017 Raven Award Runner-Up for Favorite Contemporary - SLEEPING WITH ELVIS; 2015 RONE Winner and 2015 Best Debut Author - THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS.
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5 Responses to Write 50k In 2016 Using JANO by Beth Carter

  1. kathybryson says:

    Good motivation to start the year off!

  2. Nice idea, but rushing doesn’t work for me. I’m more a tenacious plodder!

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