Celebrating the Good Stuff

SoulMate_MiaKay_Souvenirs_Kindle_2400x3600Usually I’m frantically scavenging for something to write about on my blog day. Today is not that day.

I am thrilled to tell you that Souvenirs, my first release with Soul Mate Publishing, is scheduled for March 16. I’m even more thrilled to reveal the cover. Isn’t it beautiful?

Late last month I had lunch with a friend who was one of the first to read this novel. Through all my subsequent tales of new plots and new adventures, she kept asking, “What about ‘my friends’ on the train? What happens with them?” So at lunch I surprised her with a picture of this cover – and she promptly burst into tears. Happy tears. So we sat in the middle of this busy restaurant on a sunny day, and wiped our eyes.

I will always think of that reaction when I see this cover, which makes it more special.

Much of the time writing is solitary – we all talk about it all the time. However, I think all of us have carried our friends  with us on the journey. They hear about struggles with plots, about slogging through submissions and rejections, they read our work because they love us. And they celebrate with us when good stuff happens.

It’s easy to forget about celebrating. Our writing career is that weird hybrid of craft and business. We are, for all intents, self-employed, and it’s easy to get tied up with deadlines, promotional schedules, networking, next contracts, balance sheets, and obligations. For me, at least, it becomes another set of hurdles. Another worry – Now what? What if no one buys it but my mother? What if I never get another contract? What if …

Rather than worrying about “what happens next,” maybe I should celebrate more.

So this month I’m celebrating my favorite souvenir. 🙂

A reclusive writer … Grace Donnelley’s successful sci-fi novel is about to become a movie. She wants a vacation with her mother before filming starts, but fears her name will cause a geek riot. So she creates Grace Ward, sometimes schoolteacher and doting daughter of Sunny.

A hounded actor … Bennett Oliver escapes London for a vacation with his mother. He wants to hide from the paparazzi and his brooding reputation. He takes the role of Ben Brady, successful businessman and overprotective son of Camille.

But they never counted on each other … An immediate attraction, aided by their matchmaking mothers, gives Ben and Grace a vacation they never expected — and one they don’t want to lose. Upon returning to their everyday lives, they work to maintain a relationship while trying to find a way to say “by the way, I’m famous.”

When the secrets and lies catch up with them, Ben and Grace struggle to open their lives and re-open their hearts to see if love can be their most treasured souvenir.

Have a great February, a happy Valentine’s Day, and be sure to read something you enjoy!

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I am the author of Soft Target, published by Carina Press.
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14 Responses to Celebrating the Good Stuff

  1. Nancy Fraser says:

    Great post and a great reminder that occasionally we need to slow down and smell the roses!

    • Mia Kay says:

      Thanks, Nancy! I know I really do need to enjoy things more. I’ve always been this way – something good happens, and I miss it because I’m worried about what happens next.

  2. kathybryson says:

    Looks great! Congrats on your new release!

  3. As always, Soul Mate’s artists have done a wonderful job, and there’s something so special about that very first cover. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

    • Mia Kay says:

      Trish – they did an incredible job interpreting this story for the cover. Thanks for sharing this with me. I’m always amazed to see my covers and and how the artists view the words I’ve put on paper.

  4. Sounds charming! Beautiful cover!

  5. Commented, FB’d & Tweeted

  6. carrienichols says:

    Looking forward to this story!!!

  7. Beth Carter says:

    Love the cover and the story about your friend!! Congrats. This sounds like a novel I’d enjoy. 🙂

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