Anxious Author on Board

smiley-822004_640I think it’s fair to say most people understand writers are generally solitary and introverted. We spend a lot of time in our own heads and we’re happy there. We get to make our characters say what we want, do what we want, and we get to daydream of fabulous locations.

Then we spend a lot of time editing those words, actions, and settings. We hone them to a fine point, make them shine, and ensure each portrays our thoughts perfectly.

That all goes out the window during releases and promotions. Suddenly, the introverted author is front and center, smiling and shaking hands (even if they’re digital ones). The whole time praying no one notices your knees are knocking and your fingers are trembling. There’s no time for editing, little time for thinking.

You spend a good amount of time coming up with witty things to say. You spend the rest of the time wondering if your jokes are lame and if you’ve stuck your foot in your mouth. You worry that you’ve said something that will offend your editor, your publisher, your readers – that every word will be carefully scrutinized and will ruin your career.

Why? Because you spend your life in fiction, where the smallest, simplest things get blown out of proportion.

shield-114440_640The reality of it is your editor is very nice and encouraging, your publisher is happy to have you talking about your book, and your readers are glad to find a new book and meet its author.

Everyone always tells new authors to turn off their internal editor when they write. To a certain extent, I think we need to turn off that editor when we promote as well. Be considerate, be professional, but be yourself even if that self is anxious and goofy.

Maybe that can be your brand.

Have a great Wednesday! We’re almost to the weekend, so start planning what to read now. I have a suggestion.


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2 Responses to Anxious Author on Board

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Good post! I agree. Marketing is time consuming and can be daunting at times, but like you said, just be yourself.

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