E-Rovin’ with Anne- Characters

My students often ask me how I come up with my characters. For me this is the most exciting part about writing. I love my characters. I fall in love with them. I wish that they were real and sometimes I even forget that they aren’t.

In my young adult series I base my characters from people that I know, and I even use similar names. My students love that and they all want to be in my next book.

I wanted to use my niece Fiona in a book and my favorite student as well. I planned on them having a small secondary role in the novel, really just a small appearance. But, once I started to write them I loved their characters and thought they brought so much to the novel and the story that they came to play a much bigger role in the story than I anticipated.

That is another thing that I love so much about writing. I always have an idea when I start to write a new book as to where I think the book is going to go. But, it never ends up that way. I feel like my characters take on a mind of their won and they end up doing things that I didn’t even think of at first.

When I wrote my niece Fiona into my book I had to age her by fourteen years. At one point I had to call my brother to ask if he was ok with his daughter kissing a boy and she was going to swear. He reluctantly gave in. He was much happier to allow her to curse then he was to kiss a boy. He is going to have a tough time with that when she is in high school! She is a cutie.

My biggest regret of my historical romance novel Sea of Passion is that I didn’t include my dog Kugar into the story. Every novel that I have written since she has been in. I didn’t want to take a big dog on the open seas, but I could have tried to fit her in once they made it to England.

She may not have made it as a character in the book, but here she is on a beautiful spring day, “reading” Sea of Passion.


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5 Responses to E-Rovin’ with Anne- Characters

  1. Loved reading this, Anne! I was so surprised when my hairdresser said he wanted to be in one of my books. Talk about colorful characters 🙂 –katie o’boyle

  2. Dawn Ireland says:

    What an adorable dog! We used to have a dog with those eyes. Brandy pretty much had her way by simply looking at us, kind of like the cat in “Puss n Boots.”

    I agree about characters. You must be a “panste..” It’s great when you get to discover your characters as you write the book. I always have a strong central idea of who they are, but they always surprise me. For example: in the book that will be coming out in July, my hero prefers to be naked. Clothes are annoying:)

  3. I too fall in love with my characters. Once in love with them they have a tendency to take over. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m writing the book or they are. What a beautiful dog! Looks like he has great taste in books.

  4. My favorite writing experience was when a character took over and refused to play her designated part. Meg’s one job was to appear, call the hero by the wrong name (Mr. Artie instead of Arnie), and disappear. But she refused to leave. Stamped her little foot and flat out refused. I had to rewrite the end to give her a suitable part. And she may appear in a book of her own someday.

  5. Excellent post! My characters have minds of their own and often act up, forcing me to change the direction of the novel. Sometimes, they even invade my dreams.

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