Take a Bath. Read a Romance

My bath this morning included Epson Salts as my legs are super wimpy and I’m determined to do some kayaking soon! For me, paddling around bodies of water is a balm for my heart and mind. The NEWS is currently a constant horror story on steroids but fortunately my social networks seem devoted to promoting joy. Love grows and spreads like the angels and helpers that appear following tragic events.

I’m into romantic comedies and in recent months have expanded my collection of movies to watch with a cup of tea or glass of wine, every night. I may be immobile in Oregon instead of donating blood in Orlando but I got a reader letter in October that has validated my devotion to creating fun family-saga romance novels.

Here’s the email I got from a reader, a chance encounter at a campground and I gave her my book to read:

Just finished reading your book in my cozy cabin bedroom.  What fun!  I thank you for giving me some fun that I really needed.  Didn’t get into it when I met you, but I’m going through some heavy stuff.  Dad has cancer.  Mom’s in a nursing home with dementia.  My son is in a nasty divorce from a daughter-in -law that I love very much.  Even though she’s acting like she’s lost her mind.  And I mean that literally!  My grandson of 5 years is seeing a psychologist because he’s showing no regard for his personal safety.  He was just fine before the divorce and Mom got a new boyfriend.  Who is a fundamentalist religious nut who took up with a married woman.

I have a tendency to read heavy books. Thrillers, mysteries, or something I might learn from.  That I rarely am able to finish because I lose concentration.  My anxiety level is through the roof.  So your book was a breath of fresh air. I had forgotten that sometimes you just need to read something fun.  It carried me away and made me forget all of my problems. I had a hard time putting it down.  Read it in 3 nights.  Which is really fast for me.

It was also really a lot of fun reading something written by someone I have actually met.  So thank you so much of the gift of reminding me to “lighten up.”  To do something fun for self and not feel guilty about it.  Also, bringing me back to the spiritual side of things. I have a tendency to put my spirituality on the back shelf and get negative when I’m stressed. Did you know you and that little book were a gift to me from the universe?  Funny how that happens when you really need it huh?  So, yes my dear, write more books!

I want to know.  Does Melanie marry Adam and have twin girls and are they spiritually connected to Adams friend that was killed?

Well, I’m off to make a dinosaur costume for my grandson.

Love and Light surround you!  Vicki

Turn off the news, take a bath. Read a romance. The uplift from reading a happy ending, no matter your preferred genre of romance, is the energy we need to bring forth.


About Terri Patrick

Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.
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2 Responses to Take a Bath. Read a Romance

  1. That’s the kind of review that makes it all worth while! Thanks for sharing.
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami

  2. Great review. I popped over to your site and read the excerpt. Definitely caught my attention! Good job!

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