Moving and Writing by Tina Susedik

My husband and I recently made the decision to downsize our lives, which meant downsizing our home. Less than a month ago we bought a house in a large town, much, much closer to the grands. A week later, we sold our home in the country. Moving from country living to city living will be a big change for us country kids, but it’s time. I’m excited for this new adventure in our lives. Hopefully we’ll have more time to do things, rather than of taking care of things. That’s my dream, anyway.

As many of you  know, moving is a big, big hassle. Getting a house ready to sell is a big, big hassle. Going through stuff and deciding what to keep and what to put on a rummage is…well, you know. Changing address, emails, utilities – all a big time sucker. And then there was the three-day rummage sale with my daughter. Every year I say I’m not going to do one, but every year…well, you know. At least I lots of money to put toward packing-moving-vandecorating the next house.

During this time, trying to get my daily writing time in has been near to impossible. On the days I managed to write, I was pre-occupied with buying, selling, signing contracts, hoping inspections went well, that I was lucky if I got 300 words done in a sitting. This past week has been better. For two days I got over 1,000 words written each day, and another over 3,000. Wednesday I was frantically writing before the inspector, new buyers, and realtors showed up. I had intentions of returning to writing after they all left, but by that time, my concentration was shot all to pieces. So, I decided to start going through and packing my office.

WheneverIMG_1076 I begin a new writing project, I start by putting all my notes in a three-ring binder. I label the binder so it’s easy to find in the old pie safe that once belonged to my mother-in-law’s family. My project was to go through the binders, toss out what I no longer needed and put notes from published books into large envelopes. I had binders of research from history books I’d written twenty years ago! Time to toss.

But what a fun adventure it turned out to be. I found two binders that had no labels on them. After opening them up, I was pleasantly surprised to find notes on books I was going to write. There were also synopses included. I had completely forgotten the ideas and was happy to realize they were pretty good. I also found two binders for stories I had already started. One had over 100 pages written and was started in 1992! Another was about 3/4 done. Why had I stopped working on them? I have no idea.

Another binder I found was labeled “Misc. Stories.” In it were short stories I had written for various classes I took while in college or for whatever other reasons I can’t remember. Some went back to 1974! As much as I wanted to, I didn’t read them. I had to keep focused.

The one thing that came out of this was a renewal of all the ideas I had. Excitement for getting back to those writing projects surged through me and helped me get back on track with my current Work In Progress, so I can start (or finish) those I found in binders.  So I’ve promised myself (and this will be hard since I have a lot to pack up) I


My current WIP

will not do any packing during the day until I’ve written at least 1,000 words or more. When we move to the new house, I will not unpack (this will be even harder) until I’ve written 1,000 words or more a day. I may have to have someone tie me to a chair, but, by golly, I’m going to do it.

The next time I do this blog, I will almost be in my new house. We close June 30th. By then my current place will be echoing with its emptiness and memories of my grands coming to visit. But since our new place is three doors down from their house, there will be more time to make new memories.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day. And please remember why we celebrate—to honor those men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms.

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