One word, two words, three words, more . . .

block letters

The written word should be         
as clean as a bone,
as clear as light, as firm as a stone,
two words will never serve
as well as one alone.

I ran across this quote in the 1990’s and have always kept it as one of my rotating wall signs.

You see I have eight “job ticket holders” on hooks on my office wall. One is directly above my computer monitor. Periodically I change the sayings or add a new one.

The occupant of the holder on the wall opposite my computer station is a quote from Emilie Barnes—

 “Goals are access line to the future.
 They allow us to run the race
 with the finish line firmly established.”

Others holders contain starscapes (I write sci-fi/fantasy and love looking at Hubble images).

The smallest message board is the size of half a sheet of paper, framed with a gold photo mat, and says: “Today is a great day, an exciting day!”

The trouble with this particular message is that exciting can be a pleasant surprise or disaster. However, today, it is an exciting day because I planted a number of new varieties of oriental lilies early this spring. One has begun to blossom. It’s pink tinged outer petals hint at a while lily with a bright yellow throat. I was hoping it would open enough to get a picture, but, no, not yet, maybe tomorrow. Still, it’s exciting to see it open and exciting that I get to look forward to photographing it.

If you’re writing words today, may they all be clean bones.

If you’re having an “exciting” summer day, please share.

# # #


About Catherine E. McLean

Author, Writing Instructor, Workshop Speaker. Home Web page for Readers is and for Writers it's - I write tales of phantasy realms and stardust worlds.
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  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami

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