Why I Write Vampire Romance My Way by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Vampire King of New YorkI started out as a science fiction and fantasy author and then I started dreaming about vampires. I even tried to dream about other things, but before I knew it the vampires were there again. The most persistent was King Max. I’ve never seen a more patient man. He would ask, “Are you ready to write my story yet?”

In my life, I’ve read tons of vampire literature ranging from romance to the research papers of scholars. In general, I love the genre but until I had these dreams I never thought I’d write vampires.

Why do I write vampires my way? There was a part of me that considered what things I liked about vampires and want I didn’t. The dreams put it all together for me. They are different from other authors’ vampires.

In looking at King Max, this is what I love about him.

  1. Max is quirky. He has a sense of humor and is a lot of fun.
  2. He is kindhearted and really listens to others.
  3. Max loves deeply. He remembers the family he lost and that sorrow remains with him. He loves his vampire family.
  4. He is every bit a heroic king and would never ask the Arnhem Knights to do something he would not.
  5. When Max falls in love, this sophisticated modern day CEO is wonderfully romantic, inventive, and willing to do anything for his beloved.

A reader on meeting met me said that she hated vampires. However, she bought Vampire King of New York. I ran into her a month later. She told me she loved my vampires and “Oooh, Max!”

Max gets that reaction no matter where I go.

What is fun is that the dreams keep coming. Now Vampire Princess of New York, Book 2 in the Arnhem Knights of New York series is in production.  Release is yet to be announced.

I write vampire romance my way because it’s sheer fun. Here’s wishing you just as much fun!

Vampire King of New York, Arnhem Knights of New York, Book 1 is available in Kindle and Print and  Nook and Print

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