The Move is Done by Tina Susedik

On my last post, I talked about getting ready to make a major move and how I was having fun going through old manuscripts and writing ideas. Since then, my husband and I have finished our move, and I must say,  I. NEVER. WANT. TO. MOVE. AGAIN!

Moving in July is not fun – well moving and getting settled in any month isn’t fun, but July in Wisconsin is hot, hot, hot – and humid. At times I swore I was going to be nothing but a puddle on the floor from sweating so much or at least a shadow of myself. The move was done it two parts – my husband and I taking care of the multitude of boxes and small furniture, then movers coming to handle the furniture and heavy pieces. Since my husband works in another city and is gone all week, 99.9% of the packing, loading into the trailer, then unloading, and unpacking was done by me. Even with getting rid of junk before the move, I realized we have way to much junk. (I don’t categorize our hundreds of books as junk – they’re a necessity.)

So, anyway, we are mostly settled. The hardest part has been how my writing has been ignored. When there is chaos in the house, I can’t concentrate, so edits and working on my story foThe Trail to Love 3a Final_105x158r “The Soul Mate Tree” have come pretty much to a halt, although I’m getting back into it. At our old place I had my special places to write. Now I’m working on finding those places. We moved from the country to the city, so I’m not used to city noise and neighbors. I have to learn to write around that (headphones are a great invention).

IMG_1127I love to write outside and would usually sit on our back deck to write. We just had a deck put on our new house, but the patio door from the kitchen to the deck hasn’t arrived, nor have the railings. Since the deck is about ten feet off the ground, I feel like I’m going to fall off.

I love our new house. I love our new neighborhood. The people on this street are great. Our backyard is woods going down to a river, (which I understand can be seen in the winter when the leaves are gone), so we don’t and never will have people living behind us. Baby steps for this country girl. I’ll get used to the noise, find my writing places, and get back to work.

Tina Susedik Tina has been published with Soul Mate Publishing for several years. Her book, “Never With a Rich Man,” is scheduled to be released this October and her contribution to “The Soul Mate Tree” next April. She can be found at:, Twitter: @tinasusedik  FB: tinasusedik,author  She is also on Goodreads and Pinterest.




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2 Responses to The Move is Done by Tina Susedik

  1. I say I’ll never move again, but hubster says it renews him. It plain wears me out! I like to get organized quickly (not possible) so I can enjoy the house before he feels the itch to move again. We’ve been in our new home 8 months and still we’re doing stuff to it. In two weeks, we’ll be putting in hardwood floors. Of course, after all the furniture has been put in place. Ugh!

  2. All I can say is I hate moving, and like you I’m obsessive, everything has to be put away before I can do anything else.
    Glad it’s over and you love your new home.
    Writing as Belle Ami

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