It’s Release Day!: By Rose Lange

OnAGamble400   Release day jitters. Nerves. Huge ass butterflies in my stomach, and pretty much wanting to crawl under a rock and hide!  You name it, I’m feeling it, and have been for the past several days. You’d think I’d never done this before, and that this was my first book, well, nope. Even though I now have two book babies, two years, and nine days apart I am admittedly just as nervous, if not more so, this time around.

This book has been nearly three years in the making. Years, months, weeks, and days of re-writes, edits, submitting, editing, contracting, nail-biting, blood, sweat, tears, doubts, wondering why I’m doing this. Will anybody even care, will this matter? Well, I could go on and on. All this madness came to fruition with one line, “You’re a woman.” I thought that was a hell of an opening line, or any line for that matter. I’ve had it saved, and written on the back of a notebook since January of 2002. I know what you’re thinking; damn, that’s a long time! Yep. I am a notorious saver, but I knew someday the story would find me. The right stories always seem to find me at the right time. I have so many scraps of paper, notebooks, folders, anything I could get my hands on, full of ideas waiting to be written. Heck, the other day, I was sitting next to a beautician while my son was getting his haircut, and I overheard (and wrote down) yet another story idea! It is juicy, I will admit. Involving a single mom and a sexy doctor in the ER. 😉 But I’m getting sidetracked here.

Charlie and Alex’s story was “born” in my mind starting on October 27, 2013 as a very, very rough brainstorm. (I’ve been a pantser since I started writing, and it’s still how I roll, tee-hee). Once the idea grabs hold in my brain, I allow it simmer, stew, and percolate if you will. Then when I feel it’s the right time, I sit down and begin to write all my ideas down, everything. Even if it will never make it in the book. Even if it seems meaningless at the time, I still write it down, lest I lose that spark, that idea, that something that I might be able to use. After that, I do character sketches, go digging on Pinterest for inspiration of my setting, characters, etc, and then, I fly by the seat of my pants, and GO! I went on November 24, 2013, and it took me on an adventure that surprised even me, through twists and turns I never saw coming, and did not expect. It’s really true what they say, you create the characters, you nurture them, and as soon as they hit the page. Bam! they do anything they damn well please.

Despite all these hurdles, and surprises, beginning a new story, and giving life to new people in my mind, is exciting! And that word doesn’t even fully describe the feeling. Likewise, finishing a story, is bittersweet, and like saying goodbye to a friend. I become so emotionally attached to my characters. I fall in love with my hero oddly enough, and find myself sighing out loud when re-reading parts of the story (which I’m told is a great thing). I lovingly call them “my people,” and that’s why I have difficulty detaching, beginning a new story. It takes me a couple days, or weeks, to start something new, but once I’m in the groove of a new story, I’m excited again. That fire, that passion to start something sparks again. It’s that transition period that is hard for me. But I have to take a few deep breaths, release this new book, and move on to my next one. Which, I plan on doing just that this weekend, revising a book that needs my attention.

So, it is with a hard lump in my throat, a nervous belly, a heavy heart, and a soggy tissue in my hand, that I send another book child out into the world.

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4 Responses to It’s Release Day!: By Rose Lange

  1. I read mostly historical romance, but do read some contemporary. Yours sounds like it was a labor of love. Those are the best, aren’t they?

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