How to Spot Your Christmas Tree

20161015_125143My husband and I picked out our Christmas tree today. Every year we go to Birdhaven Tree Farm and search for that perfect centerpiece of the holiday season. I enjoy traipsing around while the weather is good, and the deciduous trees are changing color. It’s great because you can really see the shape of the tree before it’s snow-laden. I thought it might be fun to share with you some tips I’ve developed over the years for finding a legendary tree.

First off, what kind of a tree do you want? We always get a Douglass Fir because it tends to hold onto its needles for a long time, isn’t as prickly as other trees, and has uniform branch coverage. But, it depends on what you like. Do you want a blue-colored tree, or one with the branches spaced far apart so you can easily display ornaments and fake candles? (I don’t recommend real candles.) Your preference will probably depend on what you had growing up, or the theme you’ve chosen. My family visits Kraynack’s every year just after Thanksgiving to gather tree decorating ideas.

Second. In spite of what you may have heard-SIZE MATTERS! You have to consider: will it fit in my house, will my husband be able to 20161015_131925get it in the car/truck, will the stand be big enough for the trunk, and will it stay upright on its own? (I tie mine to the windows, as Lord Greystoke, our cat, is trying to live up to his name.)

Our tree is always big, so we have it cut for us. Only two years have we had problems. One year we arrived, as usual, just after Thanksgiving and searched the row of pre-cut trees. Ours was nowhere to be found. They’d missed it when they’d done the pre-cuts. No problem, it was still there and we were sure of a very fresh tree that had been done after the first hard frost. (A hard frost helps set the needles so they don’t fall as readily.)

20160110_182638-7So, naturally, when we couldn’t find our tree in the line-up a few years later, we were sure we knew what happened. We were wrong. Our tree was so big that year, the men decided to leave it on the wagon rather than move it twice. You see, size really can matter.

I’m curious, do any of you pick out your tree in advance? How many go to a tree farm? Do the Boy Scouts still sell trees in your area? I’d love to hear about your traditions.

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When I'm not writing historical romance, I'm practicing my harp, gardening, singing, acting, wood carving... Okay, you get the idea, I love to create.
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1 Response to How to Spot Your Christmas Tree

  1. Rusty Rhoad says:

    Wow. Seems way early to me. Maybe I’m just on the Scrooge side of the holiday. Hey, if it works for you, go for it. Particularly if it’s a beloved tradition.

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