Forgive or Walk Away?

Cheating, is it a forgivable offence? Could you forgive your significant other if you caught them cheating on you? Would you expect to be forgiven if you were caught cheating? What if it was just a huge misunderstanding? 

In today’s society, cheating on your significant other is quickly becoming an epidemic. Does everyone cheat? No, of course not but it does seem to happen a lot more than in past generations. 

Could this rise in infidelity be because our generation is lacking some morals or could it have happened just as often in past generations but was simply tolerated and kept quiet. 

I’m not sure what the reasoning is but what do you think…forgivable? 

A few examples of some famous indiscretions … Brad and Angelina. Wife, at the time, Jennifer Anniston said nope that was not forgivable and walked away. Jude Law cheated on his wife Sienna Miller with their nanny (so cliche and overdone 🙄). Sienna actually forgave Jude and they reconciled … but only for a few months. Sienna then decided she needed to walk away. Tiger woods famously, repeatedly, cheated on his wife who finally had enough and attacked with a golf club. She definitely did not forgive. 

Of course not everyone walks away. Hillary Clinton stood beside her husband Bill through all the cheating scandals and still does. Josh Duhamel famously cheated on his wife Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) with a stripper (again that storyline has been overplayed gentlemen) and Fergie decided to forgive and forget. In fact, on their first wedding anniversary they renewed their wedding vows to re-commit to one another. 

I ask again. Could you forgive and forget?

In my latest novel A Journey Home that is exactly what the heroine has to decide. Stephanie Tyler has to decide if she will forgive and forget or walk away forever. 

Could you make that choice? If so, what would you choose? 

~Angela Scavone~

About Angela Scavone

I am a published author that writes contemporary romantic comedy. I also love to promote other authors.
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2 Responses to Forgive or Walk Away?

  1. Love this supposition. I can see both sides to this question. I’ve always believed that one person in a relationship loves more than the other person. So… I guess it would depend on who did the cheating and who is given the choice to forgive.

  2. Commented, Fb’d & Cheated (Oh, I meant Tweeted)

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