Writing From Real Life by Tina Susedik

When people find out I’m an author, I get the usual questions: Are youbook writing published? How many books have you written/published? How much money do you make? Where do you get your ideas, etc., etc., etc. We’ve heard them all before. But there is one question I get only occasionally and one I was asked just this past weekend: Do you put things that have happened in your life in your books? And since my husband was there we got the “wink, wink, Does Al help you with the love scenes?” (Grrr…)

Anyway, today I want to talk about putting life experiences into books. I got to thinking about that question and realized nearly every one of my books includes something that has happened to me or my husband and myself. If silly things happen, why not put them in books? It’s like writing what you know. I know what happened to me, so I might as well write about it.

When I wrote my short Christmas story for “All I Want for Christmas Is a Soul Mate,” I’d just had a alliwantforchristmasisasoulmaterun-in with one of my siblings.  My writers’ group could see the resemblance between the sister in the story and my sister. I actually toned it down after they called me on it. My frustration with her had come through my writing.

The idea for “Riding for Love,” came when I was taking riding lessons. There I was, sitting on this tall, tall horse, looking down at my instructor showing me how to move my hips in time with the horse. Bam – story idea. What if a riding-for-love-cover-for-wisrwa-pinterestman who was petrified of horses decided to take riding lessons from an old flame. He’s sitting on top of this horse watching her swivel her hips as scared as I was. I was also able to write with great authority on how sore I was after a lesson.

I also write erotic romance under a pen name. In one story, the heroine is waiting for her husband to come home. They’re trying to spice up their love life, so she is wearing nothing but a trench coat. She thinks her husband is at the door, answers it and throws open the coat, only to be greeted by her minister. In real life, luckily I didn’t throw open my coat when I opened the door because it was a neighbor boy.

neverwitharichmanIn my new book, Never With a Rich Man, to be released November 2, there is a scene where the couple is in a fancy restaurant that involves an embarrassing incident with a bottle of steak sauce. This is taken straight from the first time I went on a date with my husband.

We were in college and he’d asked me to homecoming. While the restaurant wasn’t fancy, we thought we were all grown up. I wore a borrowed dress, white as my husband tells the story. I picked up a bottle of steak sauce and . . . Well, I don’t want to give away what happens. Let’s just say I was mortified.

I’m not sure why and I’m glad he did, but he asked me for more dates. We’ve been married for over forty-three years. Maybe he wanted to see what other trouble I could get myself into – and there have been more than a few. When you read Never With a Rich Man, you have to know that the scene that comes after the restaurant fiasco did not happen in real life. After all, it was our first date and we were only eighteen.

How much of your real life do you add to your stories?

Tina SusedikTina has been writing for Soul Mate Publishing since September, 2012. Her newest book, Never With a Rich Man, a romantic suspense, is set to be released November 2nd and is now up for presale on Amazon.

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