Thanksgiving in the USA is Family Time! by Susan Hanniford Crowley


This is my husband’s masterpiece. I know a lot of ladies prefer their men as hunks or brainy with various talents. It happened that I married a chef! 🙂 Here I am sharing a few family pictures of our recent family gathering. My youngest daughter who is in her 30s with a family of her own took these photos.


I am the one in the middle with the long hair. We had turkey, cranberry sauce, peas, corn bread, mashed potatoes and gravy.


Ah, here is the beautiful sleeping baby Abigail. She slept during most of the event but woke near the end of supper in time to eat a little.

This is the time I count my blessings. They were at my house so it was easy.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family.

Friday however is shopping day. I have to admit I shopped online but mostly for books.
It you love paranormals, vampires in particular, and vampire family especially, I can recommend two book.
This is the story of King Max’s daughter Noblesse and how two men profess to love her. It’s filled with suspense, lies, adventure, and extreme passion.

It’s also very much a family saga of people who love and depend on each other. They happen to be vampires that are building a brand new world for their kind, wanting an utopia where humans and vampires can live side by side. Family is everything to them.

Vampire Princess of New York is in Kindle on Amazon for only $2.99. Since it’s a full-length novel, this is quite a bargain.vampyrekingofnewyork_600from-blog

If you’d like to read the full-length book about Noblesse’s father, Vampire King of New York is also available in Kindle for $2.99
This one is also in Print for $14.99.

King Max is handsome and the CEO of VMeer Industries, but he’s a Viking at heart. When he prays to the Norse Goddess Freya and she shows up, he is held to his words. If he doesn’t find the one woman who can heal his heart, he will be encased in ice forever.
On the up side, she tells him to go to the city he helped build – New York. So the king is back, reunited with family, and searching for his true love.

So whether you’re still eating turkey and mellowing our or on shopping spree. Have a great time. If you’re fortunate to be with those you love, cherish them.

All the best,

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
and Grandmother



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  1. Love Vampires, thanks for sharing!

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