The Power of Music

There is nothing that inspires me more in my writing than music. I can be suffering from writer’s malaise, or even a failing of words or ideas, but when I hear the words of certain songs, something happens. I’m suddenly bombarded with a plethora of fresh ideas and direction. It is uncanny, the connection that occurs. It often feels as if the music forces the computer to reboot, untangling the knots of inertia that are strangling my creativity, and like an infusion of nourishment, my brain’s neurons fire up and the engine once more chugs forward. I have pretty much convinced myself that there is no such thing as “writer’s block”, only a temporary clog that calls for a dose of writer’s Drano—for me it’s musical catnip.

In every book that I write, there is always a song inspiring the emotion of a scene. Oft quoted, inserted like a love…

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About BelleAmiAuthor

I am an author of Romance/Suspense/Sexy/Hot Novels. I'm a mom, a gourmet chef, a pianist, an avid spinner, a skier, and a lover of life!
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