Marisa Makes Memories

By Marisa Dillon, author



Of course, you’ve heard of Pinterest, the social media platform that calls itself  “the world’s catalog of ideas.” Think digital cork boards where you virtually pin your favorite on-line photos, then save, share or make secret.


Do you Pinterest?  Some bloggers admit they are obsessed with pinning. Any activity can become addicting. If you spend more time pinning than sleeping, you may have a problem.

pinoholicHowever, for those of us who may be more fanatic than addict, Pinterest is a great way to get inspired. And when writer’s block strikes, and it will, this social media idea board can help you overcome it.

Yes, Pinterest is a great resource for writers. I’m not a pinaholic, but I have been creating boards, some secret, for a few years. As an author, I have fond memories of using Pinterest boards to visualize my characters and settings.

pintrest-logo    secret-board-for-wip

I’ve also used Pinterest to help me set a creative direction for my book covers.


Thanks to technology, Pinterest gathers data about my habits and interests from online searches and engagement, then puts it into an algorithmic formula. When I log into Pinterest’s main feed, the social media app serves me suggested pins selected just for me. Here are a few samples from my search for this blog post:                          pintrest-for-romance-writers-ii        pintrest-for-romance-writers        pintrest-for-romance-writers-iii

I bet you’ll find this Pinteresting…

Valued at $11 billion, Pinterest announced last week on their company blog a new feature called Lens. What Shazam is to music, Lens will be for objects. Inside the app, users will be able to snap a picture of an item and the app will then suggest objects it thinks are related. Pinterest said its technology can recognize over 1 billion objects, which in some cases even includes specific brands. “The new technology,” said co-founder Evan Sharp, “is capable of seeing the world the way you do.”

Last Wednesday, the company also announced two other new features: Shop the Look, a way to shop and buy products inside its fashion and home-themed pins, and Instant Ideas, which surfaces related ideas, like a new recipe using similar ingredients.

Like any social media, Pinterest must evolve on the user experience side too. You may notice your Pinterest profile also looks a little different lately. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Now everything looks consistent, whether you’re viewing your profile on the web or your Pinterest App.
  • Your boards and the Pins you saved, tried, and liked, all live under different tabs. You can see the total number of each of these when you visit each tab.
  • Now you can edit your board covers on both your phone and on the web. Just open up your board and tap or click on the pencil button.
  • If you’re on the web, you can drag and drop your boards into a different order. On your phone, go to your profile settings to view your boards by most recent, A to Z, or same as web.

Here are some PINTERESTING STATISTICS from 2016:

  • 31 percent of Internet users (26 percent of all U.S. adults) use Pinterest
  • There are about 150 million useres on the Pinterest platform globally
  • Average number of monthy searches on Pinterest: 2 billion
  • Number of pins created: 100 billion

I’d love to hear from you Pinterest fans and Pinaholics. How do you Pinterest?




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2 Responses to Marisa Makes Memories

  1. Pinterest fascinates me but I’m terrified to start. I fear I’d be one of the addicts adding cool ideas to my craft file and dashing out to buy the materials to make items I’d never create. I already have that addition without Pinterest boards to egg me on.

  2. I love Pinterest, unfortunately I don’t find a lot of time to play on it. But I find it very inspirational. I’ve created boards for all of my books, which is very satisfying. Thanks for sharing.
    Tema Merback

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