Help! I’m on Overload! by Rebecca Heflin

Well, I’m getting this blog post in by the skin of my teeth. Ever had so much going on in your life all at once that you can’t keep up with everything? In my case, it’s all good, but stressful just the same.

Case in point, my schedule for March and April. First, I should point out that I have a full-time day-job, my husband and I have a non-profit foundation, and, oh yeah, I also write books. ☺ I maintain my author website and social media, as well as the foundation’s website and social media.

  • March 4th – Sports camp for kids with cancer
  • March 7th – Book release
  • March 8th – My birthday
  • March 12th – Speaking to the Gainesville Writers Alliance
  • March 26th – Six-author book signing
  • March 29th – 30th – The Amazing Give
  • April 1st – Fundraising event
  • April 4th – Kick-off event for another fundraiser
  • April 8th – Foundation retreat
  • April 22nd – Fundraising event

Somewhere in there I have to edit my next book, write the new one, promote past and current books, update both websites, and promote the fundraising events. And did I mention I have a husband, who, believe it or not, likes to spend time with his wife. Sigh. What’s an overloaded person to do? No, seriously, what am I to do? Clone myself? Hire assistants (yeah, that’s plural)?

Tell me I’m not alone. Make me feel better — share your overloaded calendars.


About Rebecca Heflin

I've dreamed of writing romantic fiction since I was fifteen and my older sister snuck a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss' Shanna to me and told me to read it. Now I write women's fiction and contemporary romance under the name Rebecca Heflin. In case you're wondering, Rebecca Heflin is an abbreviated version of my great-great grandmother's name: Sarah Anne Rebecca Heflin Apple Smith. Whew! And you wondered why I shortened it. When not passionately pursuing my dream, I am busy with my day-job at a large state university or running the non-profit cancer organization my husband and I founded. I'm a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, Savvy Authors, and Florida Writers Association. My mountain-climbing husband and I live at sea level in sunny Florida.
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8 Responses to Help! I’m on Overload! by Rebecca Heflin

  1. Ok. I admit it. My life isn’t QUITE as busy as yours, but for someone who is supposed to be quietly retired, it is darned busy. Two books to edit/release April/ May and a third one to write before mid summer—and you don’t want to know what kind of family activity has already eaten May. But I bow to your post WOW. Congrats on all the charity work. You have my admiration.

  2. C.D. Hersh says:

    This year started with the rush to finish edits to our book, Can’t Stop the Music, that released February 15th. At the same time we were asked to write and direct a drama for Easter at church. So that included casting and now rehearsal every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Plus now a new book contract. Who said they have nothing to do when they retired. Keeping busy helps keep you young mentally and physically we think. So look at your schedule as a healthy lifestyle.

  3. alinakfield says:

    I count my blessings that writing is my day job! But I totally relate to the crazy schedule thing. My crazy-making thing is serving on the organizing committee for the California Dreamin’ conference as well as the new VP Communications for one of my local chapters, and promoting my backlist, and trying to bring the next book out! Plus my first grandchild is coming and I need to spiff up the neglected-while-writing house and yard for the baby shower.

    How wonderful that you’re doing so much charitable work! Hang in there!

  4. I have trouble breathing sometimes. If I could I’d double the hours in a day and half the hours that I sleep. I hear you, baby!

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