Ghosts of Childhoods Past

Funny the things kids say. For example, the other day I overheard my kiddos talking to a younger relative about toys. As they mentioned different ones, the younger child stopped them, asking what a particular toy was. They had never heard of it. The toy in question was the Bop-it. My kids couldn’t believe the other child didn’t know what a Bop-it was. 

This got me to thinking. Imagine all of the other toys from the past that have been forgotten or near forgotten in lieu of the more modern toys. 

What would kids now days think of them? I mean, the toys I played with were not touch screen, wireless, or all digital like a lot if the “cool” toys now. And what’s more, what about the toys my parents played with? My grandparents? Even my great-grandparents. 

I decided to do a little research on some of the more popular playthings from years ago and see far they have come. Surprisingly for some, they have not changed quite as much as you would think while others have undergone a few major changes. As you scroll through the toys below, see how many you have played with or still play with. I hope this post makes you smile and gives you a sense of happy nostalgia. Enjoy! (By the way, sorry about the weird spacing. I wrote this entire post on my phone.)

1900’s toys

1910’s toys

1920’s toys 

1930’s toys 

1940’s toys

1950’s toys

1960’s toys 

1970’s toys

1980’s toys 

1990’s toys

2000’s toys 

2010’s toys 

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down the memory lane of toys that have shaped many a childhood. Many have outlasted newer, shinier, and more expensive toys and are still enjoyed by kids today. Others have evolved, changed, or disappeared. So the next time you decide to buy a child a new toy, why not consider a new “old” one instead? They may get more out of it than you or they realize. After all, we did didn’t we?  

If  you would like a more in depth list of toys and games, check on the list below:













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