Bell’s Palsy and Romance By: Rose Lange

A new idea for a story hit me the other day, and while I won’t divulge too many details because it’s still so very fresh in my mind, but I will say the heroine in my story, will have Bell’s Palsy, a “temporary” facial paralysis. A facial paralysis that I’d never heard of until it happened to me. It is time to bring this little known ailment to light. Already, I get a sense that this book will be close to my heart, and it’s going to be messy, and knee-deep-in-the-mud emotional, but gosh I’m excited and cannot wait to begin.

This is the time for this story, because my emotions have had time to simmer, cure, and relax. As someone who has now lived with this for almost three years in June, back then, it was still too new, and I was too angry. I thought why me? Why did this happen to me? I was embarrassed, and wanted to hide in my house, never to come face to face with anyone again. When I did go in public, people would stare, and point. It was painful, but I eventually learned to ignore it.

Today, I’m a little more than half way healed, and have some symmetry to face. I have come to terms with my “new” face, and have not let it hinder my life in any way, shape, or form. And now I’m ready, excited, and willing to share my experience via this story, via this still nameless heroine, and her hero. I’m anxious to dive in, and write about a heroine who doesn’t feel pretty. Who every time she looks in the mirror to put her make up on, struggles to feel beautiful, and all she can do is morn her “old” face. Who goes through momentary bouts of anger, and cries in secret. Who still has to use eye drops on a daily basis, and envies people with symmetrical faces. Who doesn’t understand why the hero in my story finds her at all attractive, but oh yes, he does. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for everyone.

This story grew in my mind, and popped out of the blue. Of course it would come at a time when I’m currently wring another book, but that’s okay. I did what any writer would do, and wrote down anything, everything that came to me, no detail was spared. I sat down a couple days ago, and wrote six pages, long hand, an info dump so to speak. Anything from setting, possible names, situations, and how they meet. Even if I didn’t think it fit, or made sense, I wrote it down, because you just never know where that nugget of an idea will lead.

I’m honored that this idea has paid me a visit, and I can’t wait to pursue it.

Rose Lange

Facebook: Rose Lange, Author

Twitter: @writingdiva82

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4 Responses to Bell’s Palsy and Romance By: Rose Lange

  1. Rod Chapman says:

    Thank you for having the courage to face (and write about!) the problem. I’ve stuttered all my speaking life – maybe some day I’ll write a story about that. Keep writing away! I am a new SMP member – just signed four contracts, first book out in September.

  2. Beth Carter says:

    I think that’s a grand idea. I’m sure it’ll be a roller coaster and emotional ride. Best of luck.

  3. I had Bells Palsy after a chemo treatment. This particular chemo affected nerve endings. Eventually the Bells Palsy cleared up but to this day I have a droopy left eye.

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