Remembering Mom by Susan Hanniford Crowley

wedding photo

(Photo of John and Sultana Hanniford and me and my husband of 38 years now.)

Mother’s Day is coming up. My mom passed away in 2001. In her time, she saw me married and have little girls but missed much of what my present day life is like. When she was alive, she was a mother, wife and the maritime artist Sultana Hanniford.

My dad was in the Navy, so while he was out at sea, she painted on a little easel on the kitchen table. She painted in oils with a tiny palette knife and sometimes little splatters of paint went flying when she worked.

As a teen, my sister and I were my mom’s crew for setting up her displays at outdoor art shows. I still remember how proud she was selling her first painting for $35 and hanging an envelope with the money inside on the wall for my dad to see when he arrived home. After a while, she was invited to gallery shows. Then she had patrons. Near the end of her career, her paintings sold for a lot and she helped me pay for college.

Then one day, my dad called me up because he was afraid something was wrong with her. She was in the kitchen painting as usual. I walked in and she asked me to look at the painting because the rigging on the schooner was off. Maybe I could advise her. There was no ship only a canvas painted in solid blue.

A doctor’s diagnosis said Alzheimer’s and slowly she faded from life until she passed away in 2001.

Besides being a loving mother, she taught me to never give up. Being an artist was hard. There were times when it seemed nothing went well, but she persevered. She wouldn’t give up. Mom taught me that. If you have a passion in life, don’t give it up!

I know she would be proud that my newest novel Vampire Princess of New York is scheduled to come out in print on July 4th.  Thank you, Soul Mate Publishing, and thank you, Mom!

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!

NEW: Vampire Princess of New York, Arnhem Knights of New York, Book 2 available in Kindle! Anticipated Print Release on July 4th! YAY!

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2 Responses to Remembering Mom by Susan Hanniford Crowley

  1. Beth Carter says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I love the $35 painting story and hearing how her business grew. I’m sure she’d be very proud of you!

  2. Thank you for sharing ❤

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