#Amwriting Curvy Girl Romance

I’ve started my first ‘curvy’ heroine story. I didn’t do it because I was writing to trend, although it’s certainly a happy coincidence, since curvaceous women in romance definitely seem to be in at the moment. What woman doesn’t want the fantasy of the hot guy falling for the ‘real’ girl?

True confession: The idea wormed its way into my head after the seventeenth or eighteenth time I watched Pitch Perfect. No, Pitch Perfect 2. Yeah, I loved Fat Amy. She was by far my favorite character. I loved everything about her, including the fact that what’s-his-name was so enamored by her, while she was just looking for a good time.

Which is pretty much what’s going on with my curvy heroine. She’s a bigger girl, but unlike many hefty heroines out there in Romance World, she has confidence. She’s comfortable in her own skin. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Yeah, yeah, she’s got some demons in her closet; she’s not perfect, of course, because every hero and heroine need to grow over the duration of the book, right? But in the beginning of the book, she seems to have it all together.

She and the hero know each other; her sister is about to marry his best friend. They’ve hung out in the same social circles for a while now, but the hero was married to a snooty Barbie doll who judged everyone by their appearance. She most definitely did not like our heroine, and the feeling was all too mutual. As a result, the hero and heroine had a bit of a testy relationship.

The book starts with the Barbie doll announcing she wants a divorce, which happens to be the morning of the hero’s best friend’s wedding. He’s dumbfounded, shocked, disappointed, angry, you name it. But he’s the best man, so he’s got to go to the wedding instead of wallow in self-pity for the rest of the day.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t get wasted, which is exactly what happens. And our heroine’s there, making fun of him while he hits on her, because she knows he’d never normally do that. And when he tells her his wife is divorcing him, she decides to give him a pity f*ck. Because why not?

And that’s where it gets complicated. Our hero wants more, and the heroine isn’t tied down to anyone since she doesn’t do relationships, so they strike up an affair. Which is only supposed to be about sex. But of course this is a romance novel, so it’s never that easy.

The hero’s using the affair to help him forget his failure at the whole marriage thing, and the heroine is struggling to keep it on a purely sexual level, since, as it turns out, the hero’s actually a pretty cool guy. And then there’s her sister and his best friend, who don’t think this is a good idea. Oh, and the soon-to-be ex, who cannot get over the fact that her hottie husband would sleep with that woman. All sorts of troubles—and laugh out loud moments—will ensue.

Until finally, of course, our hero and heroine find their well-deserved happily ever after. I’m looking forward to writing that part!

But first, I have to get through the build up, the climax, that moment where even the author wonders, Will they make it through?

So yeah, I’d better get writing…

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2 Responses to #Amwriting Curvy Girl Romance

  1. Beth Carter says:

    I like it already!!!

  2. Lots of yummy possibilities here.

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