Guess where I’ve been?

Mixed tulips, my fav

So, guess what? I’m never lost, about what in the world to write for my blog. Except, after I took Jane Friedman’s workshop on writing blogs, I thought that focusing on one subject would be a great way to grow my readership, get some comments other than spam. I did that for a couple of weeks and realized that there’s no way I would have fun anymore. I love writing my blog. Why? Because I have had a lifetime of fun. Like dating, marriage, babies, grandchildren, school, interior design, architecture, oops, you are probably bored, really, who cares what my fun has been. But, no not me, never lost, never bored.

Yup, I did that too! Danced on roller skates at Park Circle Roller Rink that was located on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Oh that organist played some pretty cool dance music.

There’s more, like roller skating and dancing on those wheels. Like ballroom dancing on my own wheels. You’ve all seen that picture when I won a dance competition last November at Foxwoods, right? Like gourmet cooking and baking fancy cakes and cookies, you should taste my lasagna.

Ronnie’s Bagels, Hillsdale, NJ My watercolor. Hubby Tom and daughter Linda are sitting on the bench.

Like painting in watercolor and oil, like writing a book, and then writing more of them, like beautiful choirs at church, like helping young couples to fix up their houses. Like working with architects designing buildings, like learning, like teaching and sharing, like car trips, like going on safaris in Africa.

Happy elephant under that waterfall

Like walking through Antonio Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia Church and his wicked buildings and apartments in Barcelona with dragons on the roof, or Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. Like the tulips in Holland, so beautiful and on every street corner for a thimble full of change. Like walking across that Bridge Ponte-Vecchio in Florence, Italy, and be dazzled by the jewels in every little boutique. Like springtime in Paris and Monmarte with artists everywhere.

Bison on the road in Yellowstone . . .

This email message and bison photo came from our son Todd Claus and family who were on a car/trailer trip:  “Thought I’d share some pics of the bison we ran into in Yellowstone when exiting the park late (9:30-ish) one night. We sat parked for about 8-9 minutes while this herd of probably 300+ Bison took over the road on their way to somewhere! As they passed and we took pics, we also laughed like little kids at the sight- just amazing creatures. We were so lucky to have this experience, could have reached out and touched several, they were that close.”

Springtime in Paris






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About gailingis

Gail Ingis a tough blonde from Brooklyn, writes history and romance. Gail’s early days began and ended with writing, drawing and music. After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design and Master’s studies in Architecture and Design Criticism at The New School (Parsons), she worked in interior design and architecture, and founded a school of Interior Design. She resides in Connecticut with her scientist-writer husband. Currently, she sits on Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum Board of Trustees, and serves as the curator of art exhibitions. Prior to her debut as an author, she illustrated a book for Deborah Galiley, "Seeking Paradise" that can be found on Amazon. Also a professional artist, her varied paintings are an extension of her illustration work in design. Gail spent long days and nights dallying in Coney Island, the inspiration for her project of beach and boardwalk scenes. She is a member of the Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America and a member of American Society of Interior Designers.
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  1. Beth Carter says:

    Ahhh. I love hearing about people’s adventures and seeing photos. Very cool. I believe readers want to know the person behind the keyboard!!

    • gailingis says:

      Hey Beth, looking forward to meeting you at RWA. Guess we won’t miss each other at the SMP party. Thanks for the comment here.

  2. Sounds like super fun, Gail. No wonder you want to write about it.

  3. gailingis says:

    Thanks Catherine, I appreciate the comment.

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