Fit to be Tied

It’s August so that means back-to-school, the beginning of football season, the countdown to everything pumpkin spice and bow ties.

Yes, you read that right bow ties. They are dapper and I think highly under appreciated for everyday wear, but what I find the most interesting about those who wear bow ties is what it says about the person wearing it.

As writers, we know how little things or characters do, say, or wear can tell our readers something about them, but what does a bow tie tell us?

Well, I did research for all of you on National Bow Tie Day and found a few great models of complicated and wonderfully layered characters sporting their best.

2017 8 28 bow tie indiana-jones(1) Professor Henry Jones Jr. Even though the character would rather be called Indy and run around exotic locations searching for lost treasures, Harrison Ford’s adventurous archeologist wore a bow tie to perfection. It shows off his intellectual side and certainly gives the impression that he’s far more comfortable behind a desk. The last place we’d expect to see him is in the rain forests of South America or the desserts of Egypt.
Seriously, if any of my college professors looked like this guy, I would have never missed class.


(2) James Bond. Doesn’t matter if it’s Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Broson, or Craig, James Bond sports a serious tie and one complicated backstory. No matter if he’s chasing terrorists, on a high speed car chase, or betting the highest stakes at the poker table, Bond’s perfectly polished look always shows us he’s in control and ready for just about anything.

(3) Dr Who. “Bow ties are cool” the 11th doctor proclaimed on a regular basis and the second and third predecessors agreed. We love our Tardis flying doctor embracing the perfect accessory to his quirky nature.
When he’s sporting some serious bow tie attitude, he’s thinking about ten steps ahead all while getting us to safety and to another adventure.


(4) Willy Wonka. Despite his hermit like behavior and his eclectic approach to candy making, Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka does use his oversized bow tie to compliment is colorful outfit. What I find interesting is the tie is subdued, like his behavior from time to time. Interesting that he brings his ensemble all together and ties it up perfectly. 2018 8 28 still-of-gene-wilder-in-willy-wonka-&-the-chocolate-factory-(1971)-large-picture

(5) Donald “Ducky” Mallard. Dealing with the dead doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper and delightful. David McCallum’s portrayal of the wonderfully exuberant and dashing medical examiner on NCIS shows us that characters in bow ties only get better with age.

(6) Hercule Poirot. After thirty-three books, a one-act play, over fifty short stories, and multiple actors portraying him, Hercule Poirot has become one of Agatha Christie’s iconic characters. This, all while wearing his signature bow tie and routinely grooming his well waxed mustache. Hopefully, Kenneth Branagh’s version in Murder on the Orient Express will continue the bow tie tradition, but so far, he’s sporting a very sharp tie.


(7) Blaine Anderson. Having an amazing voice is only part of this character’s charm. Glee’s Blaine (Darrin Criss) has the fashion sense to match his perfect pipes and killer smile. Seriously, how would you not want to break into song with this guy?


(8) Carl Frederickson. With the magic of Pixar storytelling, everyone’s favorite curmudgeon learns that life doesn’t end when Ellie, the love of his life, passes. He learns adventure is out there, but we do see through one of the best examples of show don’t tell montages in the movies that Carl has an amazing assortment of ties.
Watch the clip here, but get the tissues ready…I’m not crying ! You’re crying!

Did I include your favorite or not?

List who I forgot down below!



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One Response to Fit to be Tied

  1. As an author, I give you the most famous author, Gore Vidal. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this!
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami

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