Summer Daze

smoky sky 2

Summer has nearly passed, leaving relaxing memories for most of us such as outings to the beach, family get-togethers or even, perhaps, a trip somewhere new.

My summer evaporated much like the clear blue sky as my city remained enveloped in thick, ashy smoke for the months of June, July, August and September. Forest fires are apparently the ‘new normal’ in this densely forested region of British Columbia. To add to this mix, my other job (aside from writing) is planning and designing wedding decor for the many clients seeking a picturesque spot to exchange vows in the (normally) postcard-beautiful surroundings we call the Okanagan.

But at times like this our perspective either renders a glass half full — or half empty. I chose the former point of view hoping the skies would clear and my clients would have remarkable photographs. As it turns out, somewhat murky skies are preferable for photographs. Still, as the hot, ashen air burned my throat and stung my eyes, I wondered if the fires would ever end. Those same obscure skies beckoned me inside more than I care to admit, but in doing so, provided me opportunities to write with a frequency I typically abandon during this time of year. As I diligently began work on a new novel, I received surprising and thrilling news with regards to my last release.

Upon learning my time travel romance, A Time for Love in Paris, made it as a finalist in the 2017 RONE Awards, I giddily booked flights and conference tickets and looked ahead to October. I wrapped up my final edits for a submission and my dreams materialized when I received confirmation for publication for my next novel, Concealed Love. I raised my head, and while staring into the charcoal horizon, allowed a small smile to escape. Murky skies may not be ideal but this summer blew more than just smoke into my life. As September slips by, the surrounding fires still burn, though with far less intensity and number, and I look forward to the crisp air of October and, I remind myself, I’ll be rewarded with a nice getaway and the chance to promote my work, and meet new authors and readers in person.  With professional make-up (a novelty for me), photographs, and the chance to wear something other than shorts, I’ll be submerged in a new daze.

About Kim Hotzon

Every day is an opportunity to create something beautiful and magical. Wedding Event Designer and Owner of Blushing Pear. Published author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense.
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