Welcome Fall!!


Hello fall. I’m not sure where the summer went, but here we are – fall. I enjoy fall. The cooler weather. The wonderous changing of colors from green to gold, red, orange, purple, and yellow. The way people start getting ready to hunker down for winter. Well, I guess that last one’s not so wonderful.

A week ago, we had some extreme temperatures. On Monday it was in the mid sixties and raining. By Wednesday it was in the upper seventies. On Thursday it was in the eighties, and on Friday it reached ninety-one degrees and so humid, I could hear my hair curl. The temperatures stayed like this through the weekend. This is highly unusual weather in Wisconsin in late September.


My “office” for the week.

Once a year, in the fall, I go camping by myself. My husband hauls our camper to a nearby campground where I spend the week writing, hiking, biking, and enjoying time alone in nature. I sit outside under the camper awning, listening to the birds, and, although this is a distraction, watch the leaves fall.

This year, since it was so hot, I put a fan on the picnic table facing me, one blowing through the screen door, and one through the window. It was so hot, that a spider took up residence on the outdoor fan to IMG_20170922_150801620col off.

One of the things I hate about fall, is I know my days of writing outside are numbered. Besides sitting on our back deck writing, I often would go to a park and work. Even if I stayed in my van, I was still closer to nature than in my house.

Yesterday was the first day I had to write inside. Temperatures barely reached the fifties, and with the wind, it was too cool to sit outside. I wasn’t happy about having to be inside, but I’ll have to get used to it.

My husband just called me to help him do one other thing I dislike about fall – getting the camper ready for winter. A sad, sad, day.

Where is your favorite place to write or read?



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