Confessions of a romance writer

Young Couple Loving Each Other

Love scenes are one of the most important parts of a romance novel. These chapters are the reason romance readers keep turning pages. The readers want to experience all the emotions the characters are feeling. They want to feel that first touch, first kiss, and first love. In other words, love scenes are the mother-load, or the payoff for reading the story.

So how do you show those feelings to the reader? You have to feel them for yourself. You have to get into the state-of-mind so you can write the emotions for scene.

Some authors light a scented candle and grab a glass of wine. Since I don’t drink often, drinking wine and writing is very dangerous. I know, I’ve tried it and totally crashed and burned. You can’t write a love scene with the Battle Hymn Republic song stuck in your head, at least I can’t. And that’s exactly what happened.

Some authors wing it. I totally wish I was one of them, but I’m not. I can write the actions, no problem. I’m a very visual person and write that way. But how do you write those burning desires and make them sound like feelings, and not an STD?

I have to dig deeper. My boyfriend used to sacrifice himself for “research.” That only lasted a couple of times. He would kiss me and I’d hold up a finger. Then I’d write down the feeling of his lips, the smell of his breath, and how moist his mouth was. Of course, the interruptions killed the mood, so he doesn’t offer to help research anymore. Not that he knows about, anyway, LOL.

I needed another course of action. Over the years I’d tried different things.

Finally I figured out what works for me. I would read all my favorite author’s love scenes to experience the rhythm, emotions, and mood. Then I click on YouTube and listen to the master of love songs, Barry White. After a while I get into the groove, and then I work on the scene.

How about you? Do you have to carry out a ritual to write your love scenes? If so, I’d love to hear them.


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