Breaking up is hard to do

You know that frustration you feel when your computer is behaving badly but you’re so in love, you can’t bear to break up with it? Turns out that relationships, including the ones we have with our computers, are very complicated.

Tha’s how I”m feeling right now about my Mac. It’s a MacBook Air and I’ve had it for about 8 years which is like 70 human years. Computer years are even tougher than dog years.

If my computer was a PC, I would have been through two more by now, but not with Mac.

So, while I’m still trying to hang onto my “best” computer companion, I’ve reached out to Apple Tech Support and any geek/nerd I can find.

One of my problems is that my MacBook is not “going to sleep” when I want it to. Which makes it really tough to get updates. Yup, you heard me, Mac will not go to bed! I have to hold down that little button on the top right until it finally goes to sleep. Then after I count ten seconds, I push that button down again, Mac turns on, but not before it flashes a notice at me, The computer shut down because of a problem, it will continue starting up in sixty seconds. Don’t touch any buttons the tech guy said. I touch nothing, and it boots up. Then the next day there’s a message waiting for me on my computer that says, Mac could not install updates, if you want to, blah, blah, blah, the routine starts over again.

Mac is operating, but it has 23,000 emails that I am having difficulty deleting. I’ve taken off most of my photos, and that’s tough for the artwork I do. I guess I have to visit the Apple Store or call Apple Tech Support tomorrow. I want my computer to be nice to me and treat me the way I expect to be treated. I do some pretty important stuff on it, and I don’t want to worry it will have a Mac attack on me while I’m on the last chapter of my book.

So, should I break up with my Mac or keep getting “counseling” from Apple Tech Support? I’ll keep you posted . . .

Gail Ingis Claus is an author, artist/painter and interior designer. Her upcoming romance The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin will be released in spring 2018. Her current historical romance, Indigo Sky can be purchased on amazon.








About gailingis

Gail Ingis a tough blonde from Brooklyn, writes history and romance. Gail’s early days began and ended with writing, drawing and music. After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design and Master’s studies in Architecture and Design Criticism at The New School (Parsons), she worked in interior design and architecture, and founded a school of Interior Design. She resides in Connecticut with her scientist-writer husband. Currently, she sits on Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum Board of Trustees, and serves as the curator of art exhibitions. Prior to her debut as an author, she illustrated a book for Deborah Galiley, "Seeking Paradise" that can be found on Amazon. Also a professional artist, her varied paintings are an extension of her illustration work in design. Gail spent long days and nights dallying in Coney Island, the inspiration for her project of beach and boardwalk scenes. She is a member of the Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America and a member of American Society of Interior Designers.
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6 Responses to Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Claire Gem says:

    Gail, I feel your pain. But maybe it’s just time to trade Mac in for a newer model…sounds like it might just have outlived its capacity. I trade mine every three years, when AppleCare expires on it….

    • gailingis says:

      Frances, I have to use gmail. it’s so different, and I’m learning, that’s why you got an email and a comment on the blog. You have a scientist brain for sure. You are so good figuring things out.

      How are you, and how is your daughter?

      *Gail * *203-372-3777*

      Gail Ingis, ASID Curator of Art Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

      [image: logo]

      INDIGO SKY | “A Triumphant Tale of Courage.” Get this one!” 5-Star Gail Ingis, Author and Visual Artist |

      Website | Artist Page | Amazon | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Trailer | B&N

    • gailingis says:

      I was asking about smp loop. How to do it? I’ll send you what I’m talking about. but later.

      *Gail * *203-372-3777*

      Gail Ingis, ASID Curator of Art Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

      [image: logo]

      INDIGO SKY | “A Triumphant Tale of Courage.” Get this one!” 5-Star Gail Ingis, Author and Visual Artist |

      Website | Artist Page | Amazon | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Trailer | B&N

  2. gailingis says:

    I relented and got a new one. How can you afford to trade it every three years? It’s a small fortune?

  3. I need a new Mac as well. It’s not so much that I’m in love as that I’m too busy to shop. My hubby and I are in the midst of taxes. I’m teaching high school full time and trying–trying, mind you, to write. Plus, Mac has changed so much that we’ll have to purchase additional items so I can use my flash or CDs. Ugh!

    • gailingis says:

      Viola, thanks for the comment. It’s all ok, you can get the adapter for $19 or $69 little bigger with an extra port. You will still be able to use your accessories. I did finally have to get a new one. It’s so good!!!

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