The Funnel Effect . . . for Authors


If you Google this term you will find there are multiple definitions depending on the subject area—from weather dynamics to attorney tactics to government practices. That’s not what I’m talking about. The Funnel Effect I’m referring to is a term coined by two authors, Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (really?) in their 2013 book, Write. Publish. Repeat. This nifty little book, in addition to being entertaining and a quick lively read, is the best author’s advice I’ve encountered to date.

Here’s the scoop, and it’s really rather simple advice: the best way to sell more of the books you have published is to WRITE ANOTHER ONE. That’s it. Write another book, get it out there, and the sales on the books you have already published will feel a boost. I have personally experienced this phenomenon. Every time I release another book, I see a bump in sales and ratings of all my previous books, including my first SoulMate published title, Phantom Traces. I have even contacted Debby to see if she’d done any advertising during that time, and her answer was no. She agreed, it must be the Funnel Effect.


When a reader finds an book they enjoy, it’s only natural for them to go out and see what else that author has written. This doesn’t only apply to series, although it probably does have more effect within genres. A new fan who reads one of my paranormal romances will probably not look into buying one of my nonfiction titles–or vice versa.

I know personally I get very disappointed, and a little frustrated, if I really love a book by a new author, then find there isn’t anything else out there yet. There are authors I can say I’ve read every title they’ve written, and anxiously await the next book’s release. It’s just how we readers are wired.

So if you’ve published a book, or two or three, and you’re not happy with their ratings or your royalty earnings, here’s mine (and Mr.’s Platt and Truant) advice: Open up a new Word document and start typing!



About Claire Gem

Claire is a multi-published, award winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. A native of New York, USA, she now resides in Massachusetts, USA with her husband of 39 years.
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4 Responses to The Funnel Effect . . . for Authors

  1. So true! I love reading books by authors I like. What hurts me is the paralysis between manuscripts. As I await word from the publisher, I find myself too anxious to start another; however, I force myself to do so.

  2. JayceeJarvis says:

    This was just the encouragement I needed to keep plugging away at my next book! It’s hard to balance all the different publishing pieces, and sometimes the next book slides do the priority scale–even though it’s my best tool for success with all the other pieces. Thanks for the reminder!

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