Over the past two weeks I have received news that my novel, Z-Bot, is a finalist for the NERFA and PRISM awards. Oh joy, rapture!!!


Back in 2014 my first novel, Son of Thunder came in 2nd in the WisRWA Write Touch contest but since then I haven’t been entering writing contests. I’m not sure why. I think I just didn’t take the time or want to spend the money. Or maybe I didn’t have confidence in my writing.

Anyway this year I decided to enter a few. I felt it would give me an idea of how my writing stacked up to others in my field. Needless to say, the past two weeks have been a boost to my confidence. Winning one of these contests would mean I can put the coveted “Award Winning Author” in my bio.

Yeah I could live with that.

So, have you entered any contests? Let me know in the comments down below.

Write on,



A little bit about Z-Bot:



Chris Johnson never really started living until he died. Orphaned, fostered, and drifting through life, the twenty-seven year old programmer had no family, little money, and few friends. But he also had no enemies. So, who the hell killed him? After an experimental process brings him back from the dead as a zombiebot, he gets the chance to find out.

Heather Logan’s latest process uses nanobots to reanimate a corpse. Half robot, half something raised from the dead, Chris is her first successful resuscitation. Questions abound. What is it? Is it truly alive, a machine, or some kind of zombie-hybrid?

But someone wants to steal Heather’s secret process and put her out of the picture permanently. Chris, with his new superpowers, is the only thing standing between Heather and an assassin’s bullet. Is he enough of a hero to save her?




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2 Responses to NERFA and PRISM

  1. Sound like the stars have aligned, Steve!! Keep us posted, and good luck!!

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