Today I Bring You…Reaganisms

Nope, this post isn’t about a former US president. It’s about my daughter. Her name is Reagan and, as it turns out, she’s often unintentionally funny. So much so that a friend recently texted me and said, “You need to write a blog post about all those Reaganisms you post on Facebook.”

Huh. Conveniently, I needed a topic for today’s blog post.

So here’s a sampling of the funny I live with, in no particular order… Enjoy!

My daughter turned 13 in June, and we recently introduced her to the glorious TV series that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She quickly became an addict. Here are a couple Reaganisms associated with this recent addiction…

Reagan: Let’s watch Buffy. No, wait, let’s watch Drunk History!

(This one clearly deserves the hashtag #badparents.)

This one isn’t literally a Reaganism, but it’s something I posted on Facebook that’s associated with the recent Buffy addiction, and it gave me a chuckle as I was scrolling through my feed, looking for amusing fodder for this blog post:

For the record, watching “just one more episode tonight” is worth helping with kitchen cleanup. #foundthekey #buffyseason5reference


Another Buffy-related Reaganism:

My husband: Reagan, which do you like better, Angel with a soul or bad Angel?

Reagan: Bad Angel. He’s so much cooler!

(For the record, I think Spike is her fave. #teamspike)


This Reaganism is referring to a very old pic (like late 80s/early 90s) of me and one of my best friends:

Reagan: Who’s that curly-haired girl with you in that photo in your bedroom?

Me: My friend Rina. I think we were in high school in that pic. Just a few years older than you are now.

R: Huh.

Me: Those were some pretty bad hair days, huh?

R: *snicker* Yeah.


Reagan: randomly uses the word “devolved.”
My husband: OMG, you learned something in school!
Reagan: No, I didn’t. I learned that in a book.


This Reaganism occurred a couple years ago while we were visiting the Ghirardelli Chocolate Store in Chicago:

Me: Everywhere we go, we go to an ice cream place.

Reagan: Technically, this is a chocolate place that serves ice cream.


Reagan: gets up of own accord before noon (actually, before 7am!)

Me: Whoa, what are you doing up?

Reagan: Yeah, what am I doing up?

*goes back to bed*


Here’s one from 2014:

Reagan: Don’t forget to put sunscreen on my tush.

Me: Why, so you don’t get a sunburn when you moon people?

And here’s one from 2013:

Reagan is watching a show about dolphins. My husband says, “Where is that?” Reagan responds, “Colorado or Pennsylvania, something like that.” Classic.


The Reaganisms started a lo-o-o-ong time ago. This one is from 2011 (she was 6):

Me, after my kids started throwing things in the car while I was driving: “I’m spanking both of you when we get home.” Reagan’s response: “Can I change into my pajamas before you spank me, Mommy?”


Me: Just getting out of the shower.

Reagan: Barges into the bathroom.

Me: Hey! I’m naked!

Reagan: OMG, why are you naked?!

Me: 😳


What my kid learned in 7th grade science: Since dads have both x and Y chromosomes, most of the bad hereditary stuff comes from them. #momwin


Reagan: Hey Siri, play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Siri: Sure. Here’s Message in a Bottle.


Here’s another oldie, this one is from 2014:

My husband: Reagan, do those pajamas match?
Reagan: No, but they both have monkeys on them.
DH: Oh. What’s your favorite animal?
R: Dinosaurs.
DH: Oh. (Pause) I would have thought it was monkeys.
R: No, that’s Cooper’s favorite animal.
DH: Oh, right. Of course.
These are the days of a parent’s life…


Reagan, explaining some new fangled saying kids use these days (don’t ask; I don’t remember what it is): You know, it’s like when someone says they’re going to strip naked in public and of course you don’t want them to—

Me: Except Chris Pratt. He can strip naked if he wants.

Reagan: Spits milk through her nose.


I hope you enjoyed these Reaganisms and that they put a smile on your face. Maybe even made you chuckle. Or, perhaps, spit milk through your nose…

Thanks for reading!



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4 Responses to Today I Bring You…Reaganisms

  1. Sherri Ungerer says:

    I am also living with a 15 year old (16 in 2 weeks) and I am constantly sharing my Paytonisms with friends and family (and on FB now and then). He can come up with some of the strangest thoughts and questions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. AmesGrace says:

    I love this. I have a 15 year old girl, 13 year old boy, and a 12 year old girl. And they each have their own sayings. These “Haileyisms, Jamesisms, and Paygeisms always bring a smile to my face but sometimes they have me like 😮

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