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The most photographed castle in the world!eilean-donan-visit2

Travel took me to Scotland last week to realize a lifelong dream. One that delivered me to a small tidal island at the point where three loch’s meet in the Western Highlands.

As I approached the bridge, I stepped back in time to 1486 when the castle was inhabited by clan Mackenzie and the main character in my current manuscript seeks refuge. Although a few tourists lingered in the late day sun, it wasn’t difficult to keep them out of my peripheral vision as I viewed the landscape from her eyes. Keeping my dream of immersion in my book’s setting from drifting out with the tide.

Walking towards the iconic Eilean Donan Castle, it wasn’t difficult to imagine how this “most beautiful castle in Scotland” had long provided the setting for many films. James Bond drove his Aston Martin across the footbridge in The World is Not Enough, when the castle served as the secret headquarters of M16.  day1_3_650The The castle also played starring roles in Highlander, Entrapment, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. And a little know fact, Eilean Donan also provided inspiration for the Disney Pixar animated film, Brave.

When a friend reached out to me a few months ago to meet for dinner as she said, “to catch up,” what started out to be a casual conversation about a bucket trip turned into IMG_5813reality last month by placing me on the parapet of the “most photographed castle in the world,” looking out at the confluence of Loch Duich, Loch Long ,and Loch Alsh in Kyle of Lochalsh.

How lucky I am to have a friend, who along with both our husbands, agreed to travel to Scotland with me while I visited as many castles as my budget, travel agent, and hired driver would allow. Especially the iconic Eilean Donan, a 13th century castle that has the benefit of having been rebuilt in the 1920’s to replicate its former glory.

My third story in the Ladies of Lore series is still in the first draft stage and even a working title has yet to emerge, but there’s nothing like being on locale for a work in progress to inspire a writer more.

Until the third installment is ready, enjoy either of these two books by Marisa Dillon:

TLOG_FINAL Extra (1) Resized Smaller           200x300 GRS COVER

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2 Responses to Marisa Makes Memories

  1. Gorgeous photo and I loved hearing about your trip! Thank you!

  2. viola62 says:

    Travel is the best thing to inspire writing. Different romps through Ireland, London, Liverpool, and San Francisco have inspired my books.

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