A Cross Continental Love Story

A Cross Continental Love Story:


I wasn’t sure when the inspiration for today’s blog would hit me.  In fact, I was coming up dry until I realized that this blog would post on John Lennon’s birthday.  Not only was John Lennon one of the most controversial musicians of his time, his love affair with his wife Yoko Ono was also one of the most discussed, maligned, or celebrated love stories during their lives and after.  All you have to do is peruse any “Facebook Beatle Groups,” and you’ll find people with multiple opinions on that love story. You would think these people actually knew the couple personally.


What made John Lennon so controversial? Well, he was outspoken about his views on war and peace. He spoke his mind about the many people who imitated the Beatles or who ripped them off; he had a razor wit that cut. However, what really made Lennon so controversial was his overtly sexual stance. Before he ever voiced an opinion on politics, John Lennon possessed “the look.” What do I mean by “the look”? He was unapologetically handsome, and that wide-legged stance on stage said, “Hey, Little Girl, come to me and I will indoctrinate you into the ways of the world.” Parents shuddered to think that this hedonistic musician—who pulsated sexuality—held their daughters in thrall.


What made his love affair with Yoko Ono so controversial? First and foremost, he divorced his good Liverpool wife for Yoko.  Divorce is almost never popular or seen as a good thing, and his wife Cynthia was the wronged party.  No doubt Lennon was flawed, but what really made the union controversial was that Yoko was Japanese.  On both sides of the Atlantic, fans voiced derision; most would not say their displeasure was with the woman’s race. Even racists often don’t like to admit to racism; however, nobody would have labeled a white woman “dragon lady.”


Why am I writing about them? Well, I like that they had problems during their marriage, that they were flawed, and that they still clung together. When I write, my characters are often like them.  Maybe my characters aren’t famous, but they face obstacles.  They sometimes face derision, but they still ultimately cling to their true love and find each other in the end.  John and Yoko were flawed, but they were lovers.  I’m closing with quotations from John about Yoko. Rest in peace, John Lennon:


“She’s brought out the real me. And I get nervous and tense like anybody else but I’m more relaxed than I ever was, since I was a child, you know.”


“Before Yoko and I met, we were half a person. You know there’s an old myth about people being half and the other half being in the sky, or in heaven or on the other side of the universe or a mirror image. But we are two halves, and together we’re a whole.”




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I am a teacher by day and a writer by night. I live in New Orleans with my loving husband and write historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary romance. New Orleans is frequently a character in the book, but I also traverse continents in my quest to bring my characters to life.
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  1. sueberger3 says:

    Interesting perspective. Thank you.

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