Family Traditions, New and Old

Good morning soulies. Today I’m going to share some special family moments with you.

When I was growing up, my family had several traditions and until I became a parent (many years ago), I never really thought too much about them.

Most of them were around the holidays: my mom dressing up for Halloween with us every year, my mom staying up all night to start on Thanksgiving dinner, my dad putting the star or angel on top of the Christmas tree, my sister and I having hot cocoa while we were read The Night Before Christmas.

These were things that helped to build my childhood. Special moments that I still hold dear now that I’m an adult. And they are also things I pass along to my own kids.

* I dress up with them every Halloween.

* I don’t stay up late making Thanksgiving dinner but I do get up early to start it.

* My husband now puts the star or angel on the tip top of the Christmas tree.

* The kids and I settle down before bed to hear my hubby read us The Night Before Christmas.

These are traditions I grew up with but there are new traditions to our family as well. Our own special memories that hopefully will follow our children into adulthood.

For example: (In no particular order)

* The kids are allowed to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. (They don’t get to choose the present but it is something we have done since they were little and now look forward to.)

* Making cookies for Santa and handwriting a note. (Sure my kids no longer believe on Santa but they believe in the tradition.)

* We watch Christmas movies together while sipping hot cocoa. You know, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and Frosty.

* We decorate the house for Halloween every year.

* We try to watch 1 movie a week (3 weeks out of a month). But not just any movie. It has to be a childhood favorite. One they couldn’t get enough of when they were small. (I love this one 😁)

{Just for reference: daughter-16 years loves Peter Pan, the 2003 vetsion, son-14 loves Cars, daughter-13 loves Bolt.}

* Now that they are older, they each get to make a special dessert for Thanksgiving.

* Even though they are all teenagers (or mostly) they expect to be tucked in every night. (I love this one too 😁)

* Hand made Valentine cards for family members.

These are just a few traditions we have, both old and new. And each one is cherished and loved. One thong i have learned about traditions: They don’t have to be big, fancy, or expensive. They just have to be sonething thay you hold close to you. Something that has special meaning to youband those you share it with.

If you would like to share a few of your traditions, I would love to hear about them.

About AmesGrace

I am a working wife, mother, and new author. In my free time, I love to read, write, and take pictures. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We do a lot of bike riding, playing sports, swimming, and watching movies.
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