Giving Back

Here in the United States the Thanksgiving turkey is nothing but leftovers, which means that we are officially entering the season of giving. I’m not a fan of a black Friday—I’m too much of an introvert to get a thrill from battling it out at a crowded shopping mall—but I do appreciate the newer tradition of #GivingTuesday when holiday shoppers are encouraged to consider donations to a worthy cause as an outside-the-box gift idea.


 Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I have a few youngsters on my lists who might enjoy the “gift” of sponsoring a farm animal through Heifer International or a fun wildlife charity. Why the World Wildlife Federation even gives funky socks with a donation—perfect for a stocking stuffer!

On a more personal level, the dark of winter puts me in a reflective mood, ready to give thanks for the blessings in my life and also reach out a helping hand to those who need it. Aside from making donations, I also find it satisfying to volunteer for local organizations this time of year—even a few hours at a shelter or a food bank makes a big difference in my community and the experience enriches my own life as well. Truly a win-win situation.

How about you? Do you participate in GivingTuesday or celebrate the season of giving? What causes move you?

Taxing_Courtship_900Jaycee Jarvis is a Golden Heart® finalist who writes lush fantasy novels with plenty of heart and magic. Book one in the Hands of Destin series, Taxing Courtship, is available now through KindleUnlimited. The paperback version comes out December 6th and is available for pre-order now.

When not lost in worlds of her own creation, she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children and a menagerie of animals.

You can learn more about her and her books at her website or by following her on Facebook, Twitter, BookBub or Goodreads.

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2 Responses to Giving Back

  1. Susan James Berger says:

    I volunteer tutoring at a care center for low-income kids. I love them so much. But I missed their giving tree this year and had to just give money. At this season it’s so much fun to give toys.
    I also do Reading to Kids once a month. As for charities, I’m kind of scattershot. My favorites are Habitat, and St. Jude.
    Happy Holidays

    • JayceeJarvis says:

      Volunteering and giving to young people is so satisfying isn’t it? My local RWA chapter collects children’s books to give away through the Toys for Tots charity–encouraging the next generation of readers!

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